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Case Studies

Our clients have seen exponential install increases from working with us.

We provide services to maximize search visibility, conversions, and other elements that provide improved ASO.


Christmas Promotion

Christmas is caming and we try MAX our results in this time , see what heppend in Nov 23 around 1 month before Christmas and how we push it smart with facebook ad’s , we buy from US,AUS,CA around 0.8 ILS = 0.22$ per installs are profit per such user is around 0.45$ BOOM!!!

Chartboost Promotion

Some of our android slots apps , we try make worldwide campaign and buy traffic for lowest price possible , we success buy traffic for 0.08$ for 3000 installs , this screenshots done in the middle of process

IOS App Promotion

Bingo game marketing …

Installs increase organiclly because 

  • improve ASO and 2x and 3x rankings of keywords

  • Locazlions for more than 10 lanaguges

  • improve screenshots

  • Most important : have a good day!!!

Android App Promotion

Coloring App Marketing…

1 year process , close to 1 millions installs , all organic btw.

App have full marketing plan , include soical media managment and make profits 70% from ad’s and 30% from subscribtion plan

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the best tools today buy traffic for mobile apps , the level of targeting and scale is Amazing!!!

i going add here few examples of campaigns with good results , my record was 0.03$ per install for some campaign for spinner app 🙂

Clients Reviews

Skype : tolik.eidelman or email

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