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You build your app, and now you're sure that everybody will love it.....If only they knew about it. We have the solution for you: App Spotlight “Best Mobile Games of The Week” We will be your connection with one of the biggest youtube reviewers in the world!!!

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App Spotlight “Best Mobile Games of The Week” 30 Second Gameplay Sponsorship : Our most popular option, the App Spotlight 30 Second Gameplay Sponsorship provides a complete 30 second long advertisement for your application in the middle of one of  "Top Apps" or "App Spotlight" Episodes. You can either create a script or we can create one for you to completely show off your application in all of its glory. We will record a professionally edited 30 second gameplay advertisement and dub over it with Our (Lead Reviewer) discussing your application. Your App Store Link will also be placed in the description as a complementary perk. Since App Spotlight is viewed by app enthusiasts, this is a great way to spread the word about your application.

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