AskTolik "Keywords Booster" to 1st place in your main keywords - US Store - Only IOS

1 - Example - Keywords Pokies Iphone US 1st-2nd Place already 1 month
2 - Example - Keywords Slot Machines Iphone US 2nd Place 
3 - Example - Keywords best slot machine Iphone US 2nd Place 
Cleopatra Slot Boost
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* The service is for all Kind of Apps and Games, Not Just Casino or Slots Games
After a long research we´ve made, finally, we´ve find for you a Great & Real Deal!!!
Do you have a game in racing category and you´re willing to rank for the top keywords in your niche? We have the best solution for you!!! - AskTolik Keywords Booster

 This is how it works:

Part One: It´s very simple, basically, we setup in the begining of the Campaign the 4 to 6 Keywords that we want to promote (Our ASO manager make this with you)

For Example :

Keywords Promote

In this example we are promoting: 

- Popping, Bubbles, Challenge (because they are ranking higher than 100 place). For keywords like: shooter, iphone and baby, we need to wait a little bit, as the keywords to boost need to be ranking higher than 100 :-)

Part Two : We choose our 6 keywords wanting to promote and start from the most important to the less. Our basic campaign includes 500 downloads of real people + searches. We start with 50 per day, after we see that one keyword is already in top 3 places, we continue to boost the next keyword.

Our team will manage for you all the campaign and will daily update you about the results :-)

This is the example from our cleopatra slot machine


So, what you buy?

  1.  500 US downloads + Searches
  2.  Campaign management for changing keywords during the campaign
  3.  Keyword Reseach and Ranking Options
  4.  Option to boost 4 different keywords to 1st place
  5.  Full Support during the campaign time (7-10 days)

Interesting right? See more examples in product portfolio.

Now, let's answer some things I guess you´re now wondering.

It´s Safe? 

Yes, totally safe. The only thing happening is: users will look the keyword you target and download your app; Apple algorithm realise that many people is downloading your app and it'll boost your ranking.

Real Users and Devices?

Yes, they are 100% real users and devices. In fact, it has been 100% safe and tested on the developer account we've been using for this for over 6 months.

How long I will be in top?

Depends if you invest all 500 downloads in 1 keyword for 1 app or split in 4 keywords.

iPhone or iPad? 

You choose. Works in both.

Prices :

 Basic Package is 500 Search + Downloads (up to 4 changes) - 1500$

Code Package : 0004


Extra Package is 1000 Search + Downloads (up to 6 changes) - 2500$

 Code Package : 0005


Tolik – Asktolik Founder

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