✔️Flippa App Review and Verification Before Purchase - by AskTolik

✔️Flippa App Review and Verification Before Purchase - by AskTolik

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⚠️If you're willing to buy a new app in Flippa, you must see this video first!!! ⚠️

For all of our clients and followers, I made a video guide about:

How to Buy an App on Flippa in the Safest Way Possible 

Topics discussed in video:

✔️ How to correctly check the ads revenue
✔️ How to check traffic on App Annie
✔️ What do you need to check before you buy (Inc from Top-Seller or Editor Choice Auction)
✔️ Why should you ask the seller for a video and not only screenshots 
✔️ Why is it better to buy original codes and not reskins
✔️ Why do you need to buy a system and not only an app
✔️ Why is it a good thing to pay via PayPal
✔️ Why do you MUST help Flippa to fight and remove scammers

If you're going to buy an app and invest more than $2,000: ping me before and use my service! It will make your deal 99.9% safe and you will know exactly what to ask the seller to avoid any possible future issues!

Skype tolik.eidelman
Email : tolik@asktolik.com



Flippa is the biggest marketplace today to sell and buy websites, apps and games, Shopify stores and more... but as the site grows, scammers are coming and trying to make easy money from people who are new to the app business or that are not yet familiar with the technicalities. We already helped preventing 2 scams - make sure you're not the next!

My name is Tolik, I've been selling and buying apps in Flippa for 5 years. I'm also a top rated seller in Flippa, published an ASO blog on Flippa and the most important thing: I can save you huge money like I did helping my clients in the previous video to get a full refund after being scammed. Scamming is becoming a reality, avoid the risk before you invest!

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My service includes:

 Checking the seller listing and guide you with all you need to ask the seller. I'll also tell you how much this app or game really worth

 I can find out easily if the game is a reskin or it's an original 

 Provide checklist of everything you need to get from the seller before and after the sale;

✅ Guide how to transfer apps safely and how the whole process is supposed to work (I'm not going to make it instead you, if you need extra help, I'll be happy to assign my manager to help you with the whole process for you for an extra charge)

 ASO and Technical Services after the sale for 15% off!

If you have any question, please contact me via:

Skype tolik.eidelman
Email: tolik@asktolik.com