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Country: Israel

Age: 27

Years Experience: 4

Languages: Hebrew, English, French



Overview :  

Taïr is an Industrial  Designer and Entrepreneur.
She is the 1st prize winner at one of the most prestigious Swiss innovation competitions for young entrepreneurs
(Genilem HES 2015) and founder of Delphes Designs (a company that develops a medical device for dogs) and HappyBackers.com (crowdfunding consulting services agency).
Taïr is an expert of communication who loves telling captivating stories through design.

She has vast knowledge in marketing, user experience, and branding materials. She also specializes in B2C product processes; how to bring an idea to a working product, and creating strong, quality communications materials. She has a fine eye for details, and she put herself in the shoes of the end user in order to understand his needs.

Taïr has a talent for human relations, so communication with her is easygoing and professional at the same time.



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