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Can i promote every game or app

 Yes you can , only not casino or match 3 games ( because it's my niche) i can tell you from now , it's not service i suggest buy reskinners with low level games , you will not make your money back.

Did it safe?

The true when i try i also afraid , but it's look very safe and like i note before , one of the biggest ad's companies is promote same service in here site  they call it search spike 

Can you grantee first place during 1 week ? How?

yes for keywords who not brand or trademark it's possible , but every order we discuss before with my team 

Why you not sell it in your site ?

I want this service stay exclusive for my big clients and for me , so it's ok for me promote 1 time for my mailing list and work with few clients only 

Are you have also something similar for android ?

Yes , it's now in testing and looks very safe and good 

Why you not reveal the app you show in example ?

From bad past experience when i showed to much examples of success :-) , not to right people 



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Prices - Link