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Welcome to – we help developers and entrepreneurs to make their first step in the app business and supply one stop shop packages for all the services you may need.

My name is Anatoli Tolik Eidelman  and I’m a full-time online entrepreneur. I’m currently making my living from the mobile apps market, selling online courses, business consultant and more.

I’m also an Basketball Player and part time job friend of my amazing girlfriend Hanny :-)


From the call center’s salesman to online ASO Guru

Back in the end of 2013; I was working as a salesman in a call center in my town, and I liked my job and my position. I was planning to make my career in this company and follow the same path my parents did and work in stable job and have enough money for living ,  continuing to learn in uni and trying to do my best to make a good work for my company who i work. One day all my world changed, my entire life changed: my company fired me because of some stupid reason. (i think they asked me to remove email from my computer because i use him make sales) Anyway I found myself in this new situation in life and I started to look for a job: I tried to find a better job than the average salesman position,  I had a B.A in economics and management, so I was sure everything was gonna be ok. But life sometimes is surprising: I started to look for videos in youtube about the apps market and tried to figure out how the thing is working. I had no knowledge about the apps business and I it was quite a coincidence to find out that one of my friends was a developer. The beginning was hard, the situation was really difficult: bad english, bad technical skills and limited budget, but my motivation was really high and solid. The story is much longer, and I’m gonna write it soon. Anyway,  after 2 years and more that 1500 apps and games i created with the reskinning system, I can say that all the effort and commitment I put in this venture was the best investment of my life . Today I make many more things, like teaching in online course, I have dozens of clients who make with my company apps and ASO, I’m a featured seller in Chupamobile and a Top Seller in Upwork.

With our web site we’re going to supply through our One Stop Shop all of the Online services you may need in the app industry, like designing, development, videos, marketing, ASO and more. We also started to publish apps from indie developers; if you are an indie developer and have some app you want to share with us, we will be happy to take a look and share our opinion.

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