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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the largest social network in the world!

Your potential customers spend a significant amount of time on Facebook, and there is no doubt that along with the right ad, the right creative and the right approach you can make them be existing and happy customers 🙂

We will be happy to help you reach your potential customers in the best way possible, while fully understanding the process and our work, and thus actually getting the leads and relevant inquiries in the quantities you always wanted.

The problem:

Do you know that you are contacting an advertising company and are afraid that you will be another customer of theirs? Do not you see the results you so desire? 

not anymore! 

Our solution :

Build a marketing strategy with you that includes details of all the marketing steps we are going to make, daily tracking of results and reaching goals and full transparency so that at any given moment you will know what is happening in your advertising system and be in full control of the subject. 


It is no longer a secret that in order to receive imparssions on Facebook we have to invest and give from ourselves, both in terms of the budget and the quality of the campaigns. Our secret to success on this subject is a lot of tasting – even when we are confident that our ad will be excellent , there is alway space for further examination. We do not know for sure what will work and what will not. After that, we make endless optimizations and improvements to the campaign so that it will continue to bring you the ideal results at the lowest prices. When a customer gives us the ability to help him promote his business and manage our advertising budget, we know how important it is to him and therefore give our 1000% and every hour, both day and night, we also work and know how it feels 🙂

Facebook page manageing + Advertising

$ 550 For 30 Days
  • Facebook bussines page managment
  • Manage campaigns on Facebook & Instargram
  • Monthly report and full transparency

✔️Flippa App Review and Verification Before Purchase - by AskTolik — SALE PRICE $150

Marketing and promoting a Facebook business page

ECPM Booster - Chartboost Guide!!! (1 on 1 Via Skype)

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