Marketing and promoting a Facebook business page

Facebook is the most popular website in the world! 
It’s the time to show all of your customers and potential customers how good is your business.

  • I will present your business in the best way.

  • I’m offering you all of the following, which I will do personally:

  • Personal consultation call

  • Create a  full Facebook page for your business

  • Add Your contact details

  • Add your services and products.

  • Call To Action Button: linked to a destination website for specific action required by users   (ex Book Now, Contact Us, Sign Up etc.)

  • Stock Photo/your business Logo.

  • Stock photo for cover photo

  • Monitoring and measuring the number of views, engagements, and exposures to the page.

  • Add customized tabs (Menus, notes, connect with other social media networks like Instagram, YouTube and more).

  • create 8  posts and schedule them at the most popular hours for your target audience.

  • Shopify integration.

  • Direct message to WhatsApp through your facebook page!f

 For questions, you can send me an email: 

Optimizing your app page

$ 120
  • Extensive word exploration
  • Competing research on Google Play
  • Optimal title, short description and long description

In addition there is a professional team of 12 additional languages ​​working on the applications of AskTolik, you can order all languages ​​that you choose a special price for more than 5 languages, including German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more

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