On September 19th, iOS 13 was launched, as well as the brand-new os version is including changes that you require to take into consideration to keep rocking ASO on the Apple App Shop. With the brand-new version also come the brand-new apple iphone trio (11, 11 Pro as well as 11 Pro Max), the Apple Watch Collection 5 and also the 2019 iPad.

Allow’s see how these new changes will certainly affect ASO strategy and also what you will need to focus on since iphone 13 is online

iOS 13: what’s new on the Application Store in regards to ASO?

With iOS 13 is coming a bunch of updates as well as new functions. Allow’s examine them all out and assess just how they will influence App Store Optimization strategy on the AppStore for you to be 100% ready from today.

New possible Look layout

The Browse Tab could be replaced in a later iOS 13 upgrade and the “trending” section could be improved by some feasible search you could do, appearing in an area called “Discover”, as well as a brand-new area of “Suggested” apps/ video games within the Browse tab itself. As for exactly how apps appear in this Recommended area, we do not really understand yet how they are selected, so we advise you to be vigilant on it as it is most likely to have an impact on ASO.

Registrations’ gain access to made easier

Within the brand-new iOS 13 attributes, you will have extremely simple accessibility to all of your registrations. When you delete an app consisting of subscription, you will certainly be asked if you want to maintain subscribing or if you wish to unsubscribe, which was not the situation prior to. This should have a positive impact on rankings and also testimonials as people that want to unsubscribe will be able to do it in an extremely simple means as well as customers won’t keep being billed versus their will after deleting the application. It will additionally make it harder for dishonest apps with dubious subscription designs to grow on the App Shop.

No more Updates tab

As a matter of fact, updates are a lot less noticeable than they were until after that. Undoubtedly, the tab devoted to Updates does not exist any longer, and also to have access to the upcoming updates, users now need to participate in their account (by clicking on its account symbol). This adjustment makes the Updates area much less easily accessible.

A brand-new Game tab

To change the deleted Updates area, a Game tab is being presented. This brand-new Gallery tab puts quite a big spotlight on video games and offers customers easier accessibility to video gaming. In this category, Apple introduced greater than 100 “groundbreaking” games readily available, “where narration and design are pushed additionally than ever”. With one unique registration, customers will have access to different several video games, anywhere, at any moment, also without any link. According to Apple, they are beginning with around 100 games and will certainly after that add new video games on a month-to-month basis.


However you might ask yourself, exactly how is this new Gallery tab affecting ASO? Well, that’s quite simple. The access to the Gallery subscription prices customers a price of 4,99$ per month, which is more easily accessible than what people anticipated, as well as comparable to the cost of some in-app purchases. Likewise, this subscription provides users accessibility to a great deal of games, so they may like opting for this registration instead of downloading specific games. This implies that possibly, it could have an impact on Conversion Price for video games … another factor to make your item page fully enhanced to stand out of the customers as well as make them curious concerning your application.

Apps as well as Updates size reduced

Apps sizes were lowered by half as well as the size of the updates by 60% to make it less complicated to download and install/ update apps and also to allow it without having Wi-fi gain access to. This will certainly have, without a doubt, a positive influence on ASO.


Dark setting

The dark mode has longly been awaited, as well as is ultimately available on iOS 13. If it’s not the change that will certainly have the greatest influence on ASO, you must still keep in mind that the background of the store is currently offered in black when developing the app icon/ screenshots. Undoubtedly, visual possessions could stand out on a light history yet go totally unnoticed on a dark history. What we advise you to do is to go for vibrant visual properties that would stick out whether the history is white or black, as you can not predict which setting individuals are will go with.


New iPhone 11 versions

Together with its os update, Apple has actually launched a brand-new iPhone triad: apple iphone 11, apple iphone 11 Pro and also iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 is fitted with a double camera, and also the apple iphone 11 Pro and also iPhone 11 Pro Max with a three-way video camera. These new models have the exact same screen sizes as older versions, so no need to prepare brand-new screenshot dimensions. Thankfully.


A brand-new Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 5) as well as a new iPad (2019 iPad) have actually been also been released.


There are a variety of smaller sized modifications that will require to be kept track of. One I was awaiting a while is getting metadata for Arabic, happy to lastly be able to provide the store page for this audience( s).– Thomas Petit, Mobile Growth on the coastline & Craft beer specialist at @thomasbcn.

iOS 13 & ASO: To sum up.

iOS 13 is the natural evolution of iphone 12 and, in terms of ASO, nothing has substantially transformed. We have a brand-new & different Browse tab, we have a brand-new Game tab and … Surprise! A brand-new dark mode. We are pretty sure this dark mode will certainly have an effect on conversion price, as screenshots (and also icon) will certainly look much various between the light as well as dark setting.

So, ask yourself, Is your application or video game iOS 13 ready?

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