iOS 13 App Store to Feature Hebrew and Arabic Localization

 Localization is a big part of ASO especially if your app is targeting this new demographic audience and now more than ever it’s important, why?

If we want to really maximize your potential reach, you will need to customize your app to serve different users in different regions with different preferences, which is done through mobile app localization.
With Hebrew and Arabic mobile app localization will allow you to go beyond your user base and access a global market. You’ll benefit from increase in your downloads, have an edge over the competition, and expand sales.


Once Apple iOS 13 rolls in, the App Store will be available in Hebrew in Israel and Arabic in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.
Up until recently, this has been a particular challenge in the Middle East due to the App Store’s lack of Arabic or Hebrew support.

If you’re trying to grow your app in these countries, you definitely need to
Include the right language in your app’s metadata which is part of the localization we talked about before.

This iOS 13 update is scheduled to start running around this Fall 2019 and that is a great time to start running the localization updates on your app ASO.


One of the first steps you can start working on already today is to enhance your keyword list by adding Hebrew and Arabic keywords and adding them for example before the brand’s name.
Start by getting the keyword volume research in the relevant countries.

This approach will benefit you with effective ASO optimizations way before the big iOS update arrives which will reflect positive thanks to the upgrade on your app keyword metadata.


Now you want to step up into the next part which is not less important than the step we mentioned above and it is to match the app screenshots and videos with the new keyword metadata otherwise it will be funny once they found your app but didn’t understand what’s going on in it at the first sight.
Make it as clear and relevant for them to feel like the app is fitted for them.


Localization in these languages, Hebrew and Arabic, in the relevant countries will require from you to have the right people to do the job for your ASO and the network build around which is where we, AskTolik team fits in to assist you

And get you in this field as expertise.

We are based in Israel, and besides the fact that Hebrew and Arabic are our native languages, we know perfectly what works and optimized better here and the competition is low.


You’ll benefit a lot by working with us thanks to our gathered experience both in ASO and the Localization in the Middle East which is what you looking for,
You DON’T want to miss this opportunity to get in this huge audience with such
Strong potential.


Limited for 5 order only, a 50% discount on the regular price of 140$ (only 70$).


What do you get?

– Keyword research

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Description Translate

  • Screenshot translate subtitles (If you have without design)


Please order via this link:

Send all data to and


In 72 hours will be ready for you!


Submit your localized metadata today to help users with Hebrew or Arabic as their primary language setting to find your apps more easily.

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