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Android App Optimization Services
Android App Optimization Services


App Store Optimization (ASO) for Android - Google Play

What’s the role of ASO and why it's so important for this business?

The acronymous ASO stands for “App Store Optimization”; it’s based on keywords research. The main goal of ASO is to place your app in a higher position on the chart. Like for iTunes Store, Google Play Store has its search engine and uses its own algorithm; if your ASO is effective, you will increase the chances to get more clicks, and more possible downloads. 

How ASO for Android Works?

In general, we can say that ASO for Android is more similar to SEO. The procedure implies to make a good keywords research for the integration of these keywords in our document. There are 3 key elements to make your ranking more relevant. 

ASO for Android has the same goal of ASO for iOS, but it’s quite different. To improve the ranking of our app you need to upload in Google Play interface the 3 key elements: title, short description and short description.

Our ASO Services Include:

  • Title: 

 We'll Optimize Your Title to 30 Charts, Including the Most Relevant Keywords for It.

  • Short Description 

We´ll Make for You an Amazing "Call to Action" Short Description of 80 Charts.

  • Long Description

We´ll Build a Nice & Attractive Long Description Filled with Relevant Keywords of 500-600 Words.


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