AskTolik "Keywords Booster" Direct  Resource Connection (iOS Only)

AskTolik "Keywords Booster" Direct Resource Connection (iOS Only)

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The Service includes a Direct Connection to my source including my reseller 15%-20% discount,
So you will not have to pay tons of money for every order later.
For More information add me on skype...
For help Join now - live skype chat   Skype: Tolik.eidelman

* The service applies to all Kind of Apps and Games, Not Just Casino or Slots Games


1 - Example - Keyword Pokies Iphone US 1st-2nd Place already 1 month
2 - Example - Keyword Slot Machines Iphone US 2nd Place 
3 - Example - Keywords best slot machine Iphone US 2nd Place 
Cleopatra Slot Boost


Tier 1
The Keywords you Boost , Must be top 150 before boosting (ignore 100 in this image it's increase to 150)
Keywords Promote


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