Facebook Paid Marketing For CBD Brands

The Problem as a CBD Business owner: Facebook, Instagram , Google and more social media platforms don’t allow to create paid ads for CBD products in the normal way like every other product. every connection to Cannabis, Hemp, THC and more words you are familiar with isn’t something they like, and you as a CBD company owner need to generate some leads and sales.

The Solution of AskTolik social media marketing partners: special campaigns strategy which can actually do paid advertsiting for your CBD brands and generate traffic , leads and sales for your CBD store!

Here for exaple you can see 1 landing page that used to be on a paid Facebook campaign: https://luluspetsupply.com/cbd-hemp-edu-resources

Facebook paid advertising VIP Package

30 Days
$ 1800
  • Audience building through FB pixel
  • Post and business page development
  • Campaign - lead gen
  • Generating leads and Traffic

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