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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Making Mobile Apps

How far away are you from making your first million? I bet you earn an average monthly salary that doesn’t even cover all of your expenses. You have greater life goals and you see yourself as a successful person in the future, but right now you’re asking yourself the questions: How to get there? How to even begin So, you start looking for another, better job that you will enjoy more and you will earn more money. Or you start searching for opportunities to get out of that stressful labyrinth. Most of the people that are dealing with this, almost always try to find the key to success by watching the most successful people in the world, the ones that...

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10 best qualities in a team leader - By AskTolik

Leadership is one of the basic, and maybe one of the oldest, human functions, a phenomenon that exists from the very beginnings of the human life. The leader is a person who has influence on a particular group of people and using that influence, he gives directions and orders to that group and controls it too. Not anyone can be a leader. A team leader can be the person who enjoys the respect and the trust of a certain group of people and when that group has full confidence in that person. That person is truly a team leader when the group is ready to listen to his given orders and to perform them, as well. Each leader is not...

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1 - How Fill Content Rating Google Play Questionnaire

Welcome Welcome Welcome - AskTolik tutorials for indie developersif you still not subscribe our account, it's the time make it, my videos going cover real events from the life of a mobile developer, how to manage ad's, how to handle accounts dashboards, how to find perfect team, how to apply for jobs and more.All videos will do on real time, so the style maybe look the little amateur, but I can promise it's worth your time.Video today:Will cover the process of how to fulfill Content Rating - Google Play Questionnaire, it's very simple task if you make it one time, but many people have an issue with that in the beginning , enjoy!Our Support Email: tolik@asktolik.comSkype: tolik.Eidelmanwww.asktolik.comFollow us also on...

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