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Please see how chartboost manage and response developers - the real story!!! Be carfull

Posted by Anatoly Eidelman on

This post is about the recent situations I've been experiencing with Chartboost. 

I'm Tolik, and I've been working with Chartboost for 3 years; I even have a top seller course in udemy -

I advertise them a lot in my interviews because the company was good in general and was the most useful so far -

* I guess many of you use chartboost, so is time to share our stories! This company grew so much because of us, if there aren't publishers or advertisers, Chartboost can begin to close all their offices worldwide. The power to change things is in us! 

This is my story: 

All started three weeks ago. My 3 chartboost accounts were suspended because of "unnormal activity fraud". I was trying to contact them to ask for explanations or reasons, but you know, everything I got was another generic mail saying that it was a violation of their use terms and they'll stop replying me. Can you imagine having this same kind of reaction of your Bank if they suspend your account? We can't accept such ways from a big company like Chartboost.

With the help of good friends, I got a connection with a Chartboost manager on August 18th, he told me my main account was ubanned like you can see here It was a very good call between us, and we scheduled another call for the next week. Few days passed but nothing happened, send him messages, but got no answer.

Yesterday, again tried to contact Chartboost team because they told me one of my accounts was banned (again) and also, the account I have with my technical team was banned too. I surely don't know the reason because, as usual, they only send a generic mail. I tried to send a message to the support area and I got this message back: Afer this, not even the manager in Chartboost is answering. 

What I now understand from this email is that I disclose some data about chartboost or something like that, again, I don’t understand exactly why, but I guess it has have some connection to the eCPM booster service I offer, but again I can't know because I didn’t get the real reason. After 10 min I received this email stating that also my account with my technical team was suspended (it was not even on my name)

The crazy part is that Chartboost today is the biggest advertise games company for mobiles. I worked with them long term and I even know personally some of the workers and managers, but now nobody answers. Of course I still need them for support because I have more clients I need to manage, and I don't know exactly how I can talk with them now:-)

My guess is that somebody in chartboost or one of my competitors doesn't like the way I help developers and advertise with the eCPM Booster list, which by the way, Chartboost team helped to make it. I never got any email telling me to remove this list service or that it was against some term of use.  Before making this lists I was offering training to clients one to one for much bigger money, this list was the perfect solution for 1.5$ per day. 

I tried to find some people who had similar cases and I found dozens of stories online about how Chartboost react. A company who treats like this its clients will fall in the end so matter how much she big

You can check more if you search in Google: Chartboost banned or Chartboost suspend, and of course this is maybe only the 1% of people who share their story.

I have a strong feeling that something here is not legal from Chartboost side because they know I am not new advertiser or publisher and they know me personally. Somebody has a very big interest here.

All this slots business for me today is a side business but I know that for some of you, this is their only income. My advice for you is to use more companies: Applovin , Vungle , Appnext , Unity ad’s and Playheaven have very good results with slots and even Admob in last month. All this companies, even Admob today, are more responsive for issues than Chartboost. Also split your risks with more apps of different genre and try to find new niches to make money; match 3 games are a great niche and have option to get much more users.

Thanks Everyone

 This is my personal skype tolik.eidelman, you can ask me all needed and will answer all of you. The training about how make this lists can be done with my team, for all my clients making with us apps or ASO will get it for free.

 * This story is sent to all chartboost emails I found. I hope in the moment people start leaving them, they will understand why it is important to supply good service and support their clients. My story will be shared too in all press media & app business I can share, so everybody understand what's going on. 


Anatoly  (Tolik) Eidelman - Entrepreneur

Founder AskTolik - Online Consulting Services

Skype : Tolik.eidelman

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  • Same to us. Out of the blue account suspended without any reason. They closed randomly I guess. But they give advertisers their money back in any case?

    Claudia on
  • Me too, so painful that they did not give any reason.

    Denny on
  • Hi,

    it is worrying that that this happens without an clear explanation of why. It is not right and i thank you for telling us that. It’s nice to know that the chartboost people don’t feel any duty to it’s users.


    Alex Kroloc on

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