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New Apple Update: What it means for ASO and Reskinning Business 1.9.2016

Posted by Anatoly Eidelman on


A new change in AppStore has been announced! Changes will apply from September 7th so please stay alert!

Probably all developer account owners received the notification email with the new policies in AppStore. The part about "quality apps" is not so specific but the good thing is, from my point of view, the part where they mention the "abandoned apps", removing them will make space for sure for new and fresh content. The bad thing, is that we don't know what a "Quality App" means for them, as we don't know exactly what now AppStore will like or not, and this leaves a rejection card open. Let's hope in the future to know more about the quality new guidelines.

Regarding the shorter App names, the new rule indicates that the title must be of 50 characters max. Goodbye kilometric titles with tons of nonsense keywords. With this change, my guess is that ASO professionals would have to make an even greater research for using only the best keywords on the title, saving as much precious space as we can. 

Let's see how the things are developing starting on September 7th! 

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