How send me detailed invoice

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If your PayPal Account is Business Account:

1 )Go to Tools --->>> Detailed Payment Request

2)Click --- Create New Request


3) 4 Steps

  • Tap PayPal Email
  • Tap Service you provide
  • Choose Price
  • Check if you Choose Right Currency


4) Click on email ----- Fill all client data he provide you


5) Make Preview before you send and check all data


6) If everything ok , click SEND :-)


If your PayPal Account is Personal:

1) From homescreen, click on Send & Request 

2) Click on Create New Payment Format

3) Click on Create New with "+" symbol

4) Fill your personal data, description of service and enter the amount.

5)When entering my email address, click on "Add Client Details" 

6) Fill the requested data in the pop up screen that will appear with the following details and save

Anatoli Eidelman
Keren Hayesod 18 
Nahariya , Israel

7) Click Send, and that's all!





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