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ASO Team | All Rules List | Save this link!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ASO: the reason you make this work, it helps developers rank in local languages in local app stores, it's mean the work you going to do, can help achieve hundreds of downloads to app and or game owners

For this will need done short keywords research in IOS and smart translate in android  

Good work means, follow rules i share here and find best keywords in time frame i give for each work with tools i share here too

IOS Store Rules : 


  • Length: Not more than 30 charts 
  • Pattern: Brand Name + 1-3 Explain words | Example   ----- Facebook: Social Network
  • Key: Simply explain in 1-3 words after brand name what app is about or game is about 
  • No Brand Name: if game or app does not have brand name simply try make best title explain the app

Subtitle :

  • Length: Not more than 30 charts 
  • Pattern: More keywords options rank well
  • Key: Explain what is game about 
  • Key 2: Not repeat words from title or keywords in subtitle  

Keywords :

  • Length: Not more than 100 charts separated with comma (try close max to 100)
  • Pattern: Please follow this example how keywords area need look , simple word,word,word etc...... no double words , no space  
  • Key: Keywords need be relevant for app , something people search after them in appstore
  • Key 2: Not repeat words from title or subtitle in keywords
  • Key 3 : Try always rank for long tail keywords, mean try choose words possible rank on them not only 1 word ( check link here)

Description :

  • Simple translate :-)

General Rules :

Simply try to choose words best to rank for them 

Best tools to use :



Google work it's basically translate with few rules to follow

Google Play Store Rules : 


  • Length: Not more than 50 charts
  • Don't translate it like robot , make it relevent to app topic 100% 
  • If you have also IOS game , so begining of titles in IOS 30 charts need be same also in google play title begining


Short Description: 

  • Length: Not more than 180 charts
  • Key : explian the game and call to action ( you simply translate smart way)

Long Description: 

  • Length: Not more than 4000 charts ( don't make more than this)
  • Key : explian the game and call to action ( you simply translate smart way)


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