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Skillz is the first company in the world to allow mobile gaming cash tournaments skill. The company focuses on creating more fun for players and more profitable for developers mobile games. Skillz allows new direct revenue for game developers, and improve the player experience, rather than interrupting it.

The mobile game developer Skillz, launches a platform for cash tournaments for mobile with over 150 games available on the App Store. More than 300 studies for a total of approximately 2,700 games have selected the Skillz platform as its exclusive partner. For developers, Skillz provides a new source of income that improves user engagement and retention. The games offer the tournaments for cash in skill games, the Skillz games that can be downloaded easily, from the App Store. One of the most popular ones is the angry fruit game. The renowned, easy, and addictive game it is. You can use real money gambling and enjoy, playing and earning both at the same time.

So, are you ready to take on a Fruity Adventure? Are you to take on tricky challenges?  Then you must surely look for the angry fruit game. It is a real money gaming thing, that everyone would love to opt for, do not you need to make some extra cash while playing it, causing eagerness to get to the results. Well good news, Introducing Swipe Tap Fruit Match! Fighting with the fruit, and destroying fruit which belongs to the edge color, but be careful it fly the evil bombs rum!!

Board groups of 3 or more identical fruits! Play a tasty game of Bejeweled, in which vertical and horizontal combinations are, existing. Your goal is to find and remove all the identical fruits which have an angry bird face/shape boards. Create massive combos to compete against the clock! This game is a simple match 3 game with a twist. In this game instead of exchange, you need to move the fruit location to another location blank. Its aim is to remove all fruit from the board. Remove fruit you need to park for a line or column of three same types of fruit. The fewer moves you use, the more the score will be obtained. To complete a level, clear all the fruits on the board. To win the game, complete all levels.


  • This game is very addicting; make sure to take a rest every 45 minutes of continuous playing.
  • Swipe and match fruity combinations ingredients and create yummy.
  • If you love puzzle matching games get this one now completely FREE!
  • It's endless fun for all ages. Touch and swipe to move the gem fruits into rows of 3 to clear them. Use power gems to clear more from the boards.

Sweet Features:

- 100+ levels Fruity

- Explore a world of fruity Fruit Swipe With mouth watering landscapes and graphics!

- Tons of combinations, power-ups, to boost your high score!

- Realistic controls and Extremely Amazing Music / Sound

- Win bonuses and power-ups free!!!

Join in the fun and take on the ultimate challenge Fruit Match Swipe Tap!

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