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ASO - an experience that changed my life

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First of all, thanks for your time you’re spending to read my post. My name is Dario and I work as an ASO manager for AskTolik, an ASO and reskinning company. I’d like to share here my experience with ASO, hoping that my story can give you some good insight and inspiration.

ASO Dario Alberti AskTolik ASO Manager

I started to work in the ASO field 2 years ago, when I met online my Ceo and ASO master, Tolik Eidelman. He hired me as an Italian linguist and at that time I had no idea what ASO was, I never heard this word before. I started to make the basic course, and then some training with Tolik: the more I did it, the more I liked it. Even if I had no experience at all in the IT field, I became an ASO specialist: now I’m managing a great ASO international team and I started to make my own apps, making money for myself as well ;)

So, what is ASO? This acronymous means App Store Optimization: the basic idea is that we make keyword research using some specific tools in order to give to our app a better ranking, a better position in the chart. Try to think about the App Store like a huge supermarket: with ASO we put our app on a good shelf, in a good position, where people can see it. This is the very first step that leads you to your goal: make money. You need to put your product in the best position you can; if it’s in a dark corner no one will see it, and no one will download it. Once users will see your app, they will decide if they’re gonna download it or not, of course. But the first step is done; they saw your product and, if the product is good and is free, they’re gonna download it.

What’s the logic of ASO? A good keyword must have low competition and a high volume of searches. Just that easy. How do we find these keywords? Tools, experience and intuition. Sometimes you can find a keyword just by chance; you’re typing something, you make a mistake and boom! It’s a bit like going fishing; that’s the feeling when you find a great keyword.

Even if you’re a developer, I strongly suggest you to learn how to make ASO; can be very helpful for your apps, a great professional experience and you will save a lot of money (a good ASO must be relatively expensive).

If you have any questions about ASO, reskinning and you want to learn how to make money in the mobile app market just let me know; I’ll be glad to share my knowledge and help you with your business!

Dario Alberti

AskTolik ASO Manager

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