60 Days ASO Challenge Take Google Play App from 0 to 100 Installs

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01.03.2017 Preview Video

For the first time in the app marketing history, I'm going to take a simple game and reveal all secrets I know about about Google Play marketing in low cost budget. Honestly, I can say that the value of knowldge worths lot of money and maybe later I'll convert all series to one course and will remove from youtube; but meanwhile, you can enjoy :-)
Every few days I'm going to make few more moves to improve and promote the app, all will be done with 0 technical changes.
The project will finish in 01.05.2017 and the goal is to make this game achieve 100 daily installs ORGANICALLY,  currently this app made in 3 months a total of 29 installs only.


05.03.2017 First Video

The app link 

  •  In this video, I talked about new updates in Google Play Store algorithm and why I had to stop doing something I was making 2 weeks ago to avoid ruinning my app too.
  •  Going to make more deep reviews of app stats and analytics now before we start
  •  Short explanation about ASODesk (wait for coupon) for register 
  •  Why APK size is important for visibility
  •  And the last part:  we're going to use for the app a new icon, name , feature graphics and screenshots 
  •  Share all tools I used in this session 

Links & Tools 

Wait for the next video and share with your friends :-)


06.03.2017 Second Video (How to Send your work to a design team)



13.03.2017 Third Video (First Steps of promotion)

  •  We going review the changes done so far in graphics and name , include few tricks i use.
  • Going talk about the importance of analytics tools like google analytics and firebase
  •  ASO tips session about google play part 1 and how really people look after games and app in the store , this basic understanding will help you make all the rest
  •  First promotion steps improve link building of the app and get some direct installs
  •  We going start use keywords installs , try rank top places in our main keyword
  •  We going talk little about tracking tools free and paid to know if we get installs or clicks for our promotion


Links & Tools 

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