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11 things you need know before you start make mobile apps

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Ok, so you have decided you will make mobile apps and you hope you can earn huge amount of money with development of apps and games. That’s great, but before you start doing all that, we have included 10 things you must know before start making mobile apps. These are tailored based on our experience and what I and my team have experienced with publishing apps on both Google Play and App Store.


  1. Why Are You Doing It?

Determining your desire and goals before you start is a must. That will determine the path you will follow. If your purpose is solely to make money, then you are apppreneuer. You must tailor plans and create apps that will give you the best ROI and earnings. If you have other motives, like you want promote your business, or maybe you just want to become popular game developer, then you must focus on other things.

  1. You Must Have Unique Idea About an App or Game

This tip stands only if you want to make it big. So, if you want to earn a lot of money and you want your app to be viral, then you’ll need a unique app or game idea. In the saturated world of apps, an app that is reskin or an app that is similar to other popular app will only bring you little or short term success.

  1. Try to develop apps that will be available cross-platform (iOS, Android and web apps)

The more platforms are involved, the better the chances for success. Think about it, what would’ve happened to Whatsapp or any other globally popular app if it was stuck in only one platform. So, if possible, always try to develop your apps for multiple platforms, especially if you have some high quality app and unique idea.

  1. Try To Adjust Your App as Closely As Possible To Your Potential Users

When you are in the development phase, put yourself in the head of your target, potential users. What will they want to see in your app? Is your app something that they’ll find useful? Are the features you plan to offer enough? Details, good analysis and beta testing are needed to determine this in the best possible way. This is also one of the most important things, something that can guide you to create you the best app.

  1. Market the Idea Smartly

So, your idea has turned into a great app. You have something special, or even if you don’t have a special app, you need to market it smartly. Any app you produce should be accompanied by a marketing plan. Press releases, review requests, social media promotion, forums, product hunt etc. should all be part of your marketing plan.

  1. App Search Optimization is A Must!

If you are not some huge, multimillion, global company, then you’ll need App Search Optimization. More than 65% of the downloads you’ll ever receive will come from search on Google Play and App Store. So, your app must be optimized for these app stores. App Store works differently from Google Play. The best thing to do here is to hire experts that will optimize your apps or find some ASO courses or ebooks that will educate you to do it effectively.

  1. Keywords Matter

Besides the previous point, you must search and think for the best keywords. Don’t put anything too soon, instead research slowly and find the catchiest, popular and keywords with low competition. Don’t put few sentences. You are not Disney or EA, you are just a new developer that needs to impress billion users that your app is worth downloading. Pay attention to this as if you use the right keywords and combine them wisely, your app can have starting advantage and boost.

      8. The file size of the app should be as small as possible

It is proven in both stores that they like apps that are small in storage. Thus, don’t waste too much MBs and try to make the app smooth and light. Not only that the stores love that, the users adore that as well. You will not be spending too much of their storage and not only they will like your app, they will also choose it over the similar apps if they are bigger in size.

      9. Design, design, design

Spend fortune on this if you don’t know how to implement it yourself. However, don’t release an app that is poorly designed. The poorly designed apps have made success on both app markets but maybe 4-5 years ago. Now, the market has evolved, and the stunning and awesome design is a must.

       10. The icon and screenshots are equally important as the overall design

You may have a great, well-designed, but in order to ensure great click through rate and increase interest, you must design an equally good icon and screenshots. The icon is especially important as it is the first thing users see when they search for certain keywords on the App Store/Google Play. Another thing that is a must nowadays are the explanatory screenshots. This means that the screenshots should contain short sentences at the top or at the bottom that explain the app’s features.

     11. Select the best Mobile Ad Network

Don’t rush to choose Google’s Ad Mob. There are plenty other fish in the sea that may be more suitable for your app’s type. Explore and talk with different mobile ad consultants. Sometimes, this can make huge difference in your earnings. Various ad networks may have bigger earning potential. There are also courses that will help you monetize your app much better with alternative ad networks.


The app industry is maybe in a saturated phase. There are hundreds of millions of apps and it is indeed really hard to compete in these markets. If you however implement all of these 10 recommendations, you may have starting advantage over the apps in your category.


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