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?What Is ASO
As you know, ASO stands for App Store Optimization. The main goal of ASO is to make an app rank higher for the most highly searched relevant keywords.
?How Does ASO Do It
In general, we can say that ASO is similar to SEO. The procedure starts by making a good keywords research, in order to integrate those into the app's page. Each store operates with different algorithms that determine how to rank each app, so the integration of the keywords should be adjusted correctly according to those algorithms.

Imagine what would have happened to your installs per day if your app would have appeared first for every relevant search for in the store…
Imagine earning as much as you earn from your current full-time job – simply by owning one app…

– You might also be thinking – "Yes, the app's page has a large impact on the ranking and installs amount, but in the current market of big sharks and massive advertising – what difference will the optimization of my app's page make?". Good question.

Welcome to AskTolik ASO services. We take pride in the success of over 2,000 apps in over 5 years of experience in the app market. Within the last few years, we have developed a system of marketing steps. Each step builds on the previous one, and together they create a strong marketing strategy that is sure to create a constant increase in your app installs per day. The first step is ASO, as no matter which marketing method you choose – every user who wishes to install your app will end up in the .app's page

?What Will You Get

1. Optimized* Title (30 chars)
2. Optimized Subtitle (30 chars)
3. Optimized Keywords String (100 chars)
4. Optimized Description (200 words)
* By optimized we mean to incorporate the best relevant keywords in the most fitting way as determined by the App Store's algorithms

1. Optimized* Title (50 chars)
2. Optimized Subtitle (80 chars)
3. Optimized Description (4000 chars)
* By optimized we mean to incorporate the best relevant keywords in the most fitting way as determined by Google Play Store's algorithms



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Why Don't I Just Do It Myself?

It is possible! But based on some of our clients experience, let us tell you what may happen:
You care deeply about your app, you've spent a lot of money in order to build or buy it, so you want to do it right. You'll start by researching the internet to find free tutorials, watch them all and find out that youtube is saturated with different ASO experts claiming opposite claims. After a profound research, you'll get to your real mentor – He will sound like someone who really knows what he's talking about, every sentence of his will provoke your thought, he'll show you his results and you'll be astounded. You'll start watching every video he ever made, spend hours on youtube absorbing everything he says, only to find out in the end that he gave you this content for free just in order to sell a "FULL ASO COURSE" for 500$.
Let's say you bought the course, now you really know how to do it. But how will you find keywords? The good premium accounts for ASO websites may cost up to 300$ per month!

The truth is you can really do it yourself, but in order for it to be really good and actually do what it's meant to do – that is, improve your ranking, it may take very long and cost you a lot of money.

Instead of spending all this time and money, or hiring a "professional" for 20$ that will probably not have the tools to make your ASO right, we suggest a limited time offer you will not be able to refuse to:

  • ASO For iOS – 2̶0̶0̶$̶  120$ Only!
  • ASO For Google Play – 3̶6̶0̶$̶ 180$ Only!
  • ASO For Both Stores – 5̶0̶0̶$̶  200$ Only!

This offer is available only for the next


App Store Optimization (ASO) for Android

App Store Optimization (ASO) for iOS

App Store Optimization (ASO) for both stores

In addition there is a professional team of 12 additional languages ​​working on the applications of AskTolik, you can order all languages ​​that you choose a special price for more than 5 languages, including German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more

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