Apple search ads (ASA)

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My name is Tolik and I’m the CEO of AskTolik, Advertising through Search Ads in the App Store it’s still a big challenge for many companies. they are still learning how to use it correctly and lose budget quickly.

Today 07/04/2019 opened 59 stores for apple search ads and in countries like the US they are the main tool with facebook and google campaigns get traffic

I think the biggest value to use apple ads, it’s simply targeting people who interesting in your product already and not try to advertise like in facebook to people who maybe want your product, it’s also the reason the CR is close to 50 %, it’s amazing results compare different channels

6 Apple Ads Hacks | Real Results

Creative Testing and Optimizion

We going optimize your screenshots and icons to provide best results per campaign, we are going to use apple search options to MAX level!


We will support and help our clients during all process of optimization and get the best results possible.

Using Latest ASO tools

We use the best tools in the market with unique tactics from google play insights to get you best results possible.

Our Team

With More than 5 years of experience in ASO and running search ads from the days start at the end of 2017, I can promise we have the best experience for your app.

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