I'm not a Scammer!!! The Real Story about Applovin and Chartboost Suspended Accounts

Nov 13, 2016

I am not a Scammer!!!

Hey, for those who don't know me my name is Anatoli (Tolik) Eidelman. Today I'm CEO & Founder of a marketing mobile company called "AskTolik". I have already in the app business something like 3 years; I was one of the first reskinners who made dozens of apps per month and with this reskin industry I've maybe made for myself something like 1,000 apps. I have also almost the same amount of clients thanks to my amazing sales & technical team. I'm known because of my casino reskin methods, for selling for a small price traffic & also for my ASO methods. In this link can see more about me.

Today I work with biggest publishers in appstore and google play and maintain few but very powerfull partnerships with leading studios in the app business.


I would like to clarify, I personally don't have anything against Chartboost or Applovin, much less against none of the workers of this companies to whom I talked in the last 3 months. The currents status is that all my accounts are suspended and banned.


It all started around August 13th. I was back from my Honeymoon in México with My wife, and life was good; I was working online like I always did, my current apps were making nice revenues, my followers and clients also were making good revenues and I was already planning my next projects.

Like I mentioned early, I have already in the app business around 3 years and never had any mobile ad's account suspended. I had good work relationships with both companies, and even their support team know me personally.

I will start with Chartboost.

I guess this message is known for many of you, and you remember the feeling also I guess. Because of my connections and experience in app business, and because I know I was 1 month in holidays (didn't publish new apps or made any UA campaigns)  I thought it was a mistake. The strange thing was that the 3 accounts under my name were suspended. So, I simply took the email in Letter pub.review@chartboost.com and send them this letter: "Hey guys i think your system made a mistake, I'm back from holidays". After something like 10 min got the next email, with same style ( this is the email from August 29th, after my team's accounts were suspended too)

I got this letter after talking with 3 Chartboost account managers I was able to reach thanks to my connections. Two of them were really amazing at the beginning and tried to help me. I'm deleting all names of the workers because they're not the problem, they were totally ok, but must be loyal to the policy of their company. This is the chat, after it I had a skype call. All this 5 days after the 3 accounts were suspended.


I got the contact of this guy from one of my clients, he was amazing and fixed the issue in 1 day, amazing !!! He didn't tell me what I did specifically, I asked him 10 times what I did wrong, but his answer was that he didn't know either. In all this time the accounts were not opened, I waited for one more week and the guy disappeared. I want to mention again that by this point I was not aware of why I got my accounts suspended simply because no one took the time to talk with me, or have a chat like all "normal" support service should work with all clients. All Chartboost publisher review team make all Field Trial and get final decision even before they talk with the person they're going to ban. Such decisions can send some companies to Bankruptcy or can cause that a simple small indie developer that earns money from apps and invest his life make them don't have next month enough earnings to buy food for his kids; but of course they don't care about YOU, they want to save money and not increase the team who check scams (and it's very important to find real scams btw) simply because they care less nowadays about developers.

Changing the subject to Applovin, this is a very important part of Applovin Terms of use, and I guess all of you had never read:

This is a term of use from Applovin, but I assume it works the same with Chartboost. If you see the red arrow, Applovin can close your account and "steal" your money of publishing and also money you deposit for advertising with reason or no reason , yes you read right, Applovin can close your account with no reason, take your money and that's all. They can make it simply because they do not care anymore about the developers who get them to position sold for 1.4$ Billion.

Let's get back to Chartboost and after I will continue with Applovin.

Until now, 2 weeks passed already, I tried to reach them again and again only to understand the reason I got my accounts suspended. By this time I started to think that maybe somebody bought false traffic for my apps, but it was just a guess.

After I continued sending emails to Chartboost team, my partnership accounts got suspended too and get the same message I shared before; that I disclosed some data. All this time I was thinking I got suspended because of the fake traffic, but I realised that the real reason they suspended me was because of this service I provide. I call this service eCPM booster, it was a simple app filtering service I provide and still provide to my clients, only with cool marketing name.

But why nobody in all this months told me about it? (I still don't know the real reason, I'm only guessing). After the last account was suspended, I stopped providing the service to my followers and after 2 days, I got this letter from some of my private clients. I checked with my VA assistent and my uncle, both got this email too. Someone got the email listing of my service and apparently tried to make some money from it. I'm revealing his name only because I know 100% that my uncle is not his client and he was simply appearing in this email listing.


One of my competitors in the niche started to provide same service, and offered it to my private clients. The timing was perfectly amazing, I'm forced to suspend my service but he starts offering it. But if that was the reason I got suspended, then why he's offering it without any consequence? I asked one of my clients to send this to Chartboost team, they send him big thanks for helping reveal scam, and that was it. I'm guessing nothing happened.

I must also explain something: the most important thing you need to do today if you have a big Chartboost account, is to get an account manager. This guy had an account manager and also one Chartboost worker was his client; I can tell you today after I checked with my connections that I got suspended because of him telling I was offering a scam service, this shouldn't be a reason to suspend, Chartboost must check before if any accusation is true! If Chartboost team informed me about their reasons, I could apologize 10 times (even if what I'm doing is not wrong) and have my accounts opened, but again, they simply not care about me, you, or every small developer.

When somebody in Chartboost make such moves, they don't only "steal" the developer money and ruin all their business for next few months until making an update to their apps; the damage range is crazy, but they do not care.

I got after few days 1 more account manager from Chartboost Europe contact on 09/09/2016

He  was a very cool guy, we had a great call but he simply disappeared after 1 day and blocked me in skype. I know he didn't make this because he's a bad guy, he's only following Chartboost policies.

If you're marked as scammer, it's better for you to stop working on your private name or company; so at this point, I decided to open again accounts and got banned again automatically because they saw my name. Chartboost not only close your account and take your money, you'll never be able to work with them again in your life!!! You can leave the business and look for a new job 🙂

It sounds funny, but for some people like him was the worst day of their lives. I got after my first blog post maybe 15-20 emails from people like him, that don't know what to do.

This is from few hours ago, from my technical team

Like you can see everybody showed here got suspended. I must tell you the true, maybe not all of the guys here are clean, but the problem is not if they're ok or not, the problem is how Chartboost publisher review team takes care of this issues. If tomorrow your friend tells you "Hey my bank send me an email informing that my account is suspended, I was surprised because I have good credit in the Bank, so I went to the Bank and they told me I can't enter. After 3 days I got a letter on my home telling that my account is banned and I have to check the terms of use of the bank. :-)" Sounds very similar right? It's the Same, the ad's companies are your small bank, you have money there and they save your money, why every day when I came in the morning I needed to check if my accounts are in good standing ???? how is possible to make business like this?

I must note, I had some issue with Revmob in advertising. This company was huge 2-3 years ago, I spent some money with them and asked for a refund of the other part. Revmob team in 2-3 days took care about it and told: me when you're ready to work with us again let us know. This is something that we can call service. Another example, when I advertised with Appnext and some of the traffic was incent traffic, we asked for a refund and Appnext manager made a full refund. My client and I still advertise with them 100$-200$ per day, but in Chartboost, even for my client, I'm afraid to deposit money.

The story does not end here. Two weeks ago was the Casual Connect Event in TLV, my country, and one of the main reasons I bought a VIP ticket of the event was to meet Chartboost team.

After they rejected my request to meet, I found them during some meeting in lobby. I introduced myself and explained them my issue; they showed empathy I must say, but they told to me send an email to publisher review team, the same team I sent dozens of emails. They also promised to check my issue, I'm sure they believed me and they're good guys, but again, who cares, I am just a guy and they have so many clients.

The main reason I make this post and trying to make it Viral is because we the small developers, are the reason why this companies live, in the moment we leave they close, it's very simple!!! I'm aware that is not possible to arrange all developers to leave them,  but I'm sure that with many shares, comments and likes via Facebook, this will find the way to the right people in this companies.

I talk about Applovin and Chartboost not just because those are the companies that most of developers use, I'm talking about my experience; this big companies can't act like we are nothing.

What i want from these companies first:

– To each developer suspended, they should give him the option to talk with somebody live chat or call, explain what happend, and the most important, explain what he did wrong. For example also in Chartboost, few days ago this client partnership account, I did not understand what I did wrong. Later some guy from Applovin told me: 

He asked me about advertising, and after I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, he told me that in 1 hour would get an answer. After 1 hour he BLOCKED ME in Skype (yes, the guy from support blocked me) Later, after 2 days I got a message informing me that my account was blocked.

About Applovin, I've heard much less stories about account suspensions. I also get many messages from many clients and try to help them. One day I got a message from my account manager and he told me his brother account got suspended in Applovin and told him like I always do, that I would try to help. For this, I sent a message to some guy I know in Applovin.


This skype was sent after I sent him an email also about the account of the guy. What happened here was that the address in the account of the guy ( the one who really made a scam), was the same address I had. So instead of closing his account (and again, I think someone must have a call with the owner of the account that is going to be closed) they simply closed all my accounts, stopped answering me and marked me like scammer. Two days ago I got suspended from some different account, as I'm already marked like scammer nobody talks with me.

After I show how this companies work with their clients, do you think those are companies you can trust & that if you have a problem you will get right service? This things can happen to all of us for many reasons, for example having high eCPM can be a reason for suspension. I'm sure the last account got suspended because of this and Banned because of my name. I want to remark that in all this time I didn't made anything wrong and all the money in advertising and publisher blocked; but we have to keep in mind this Applovin term of use we all signed: 

This basically states that "We applovin can make all we want with your money and you can't make nothing about it, you can't even complain about it because we'll start to ignore you" By the way, I'm not sure if those are legal terms.

My Email : Tolik@asktolik.com

My Skype : Tolik.eidelman 

I'm going to open a petition hoping that something changes.

Please send me to my email your full name + email account suspended and in few rows if you know the reason. Please do not send accounts who got blocked because you really tried to make some quick money with fake installs or something like this, this is something very easy to discover.

Please Share this post via Facebook, this is very critical to our success. I have already more than 10 developer supporting this petition, some of them are not even suspended but they have too much to lose if they get suspended with no reason.

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