How to Transfer Google Play Apps to a New Account


Feb 25, 2017

* You'll have to be logged from your google play account email all the time

Transfer an app in Google Play, is a really simple process that takes 2 minutes. Check my guide step by step how make it, or you can directly Google It 

Things your client need to provide:

·         Developer name of your target account (simply developer name)
·         Target account email address (your email of google play)
·         Transaction ID for the target account’s Developer Console Registration *(25$ is the cost for opening a Google Play account)

Things you need to provide:

·         First name
·         Last name
·         Original account email address
·         Transaction ID for the original account’s Developer Console registration *
·         App and package names you want to transfer. Type one app per line or “ALL” for all apps in the original account. *
Process takes between 1 Hour to 2-3 days, and in the end of the process both sides will get an email like this: 


Q: Google answer me I can't transfer the app because of the subscription IAP
A: If your app includes some subscription IAP, is not possible to transfer apps like this between accounts, nothing can be done 🙂
Q: Do I need to update also my ads id's in the app after the transfer? 
A: Of Course, your ads id's are not considered in the transfer. The transfer only changes the ownership of the app.
Q: I still don't understand how to find the Transaction ID of my account 
A: Check please the video in this page, I show the process in minute 1:00 🙂
Good Luck!!!

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