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May 02, 2016

Leadership is one of the basic, and maybe one of the oldest, human functions, a phenomenon that exists from the very beginnings of the human life. The leader is a person who has influence on a particular group of people and using that influence, he gives directions and orders to that group and controls it too. Not anyone can be a leader. A team leader can be the person who enjoys the respect and the trust of a certain group of people and when that group has full confidence in that person. That person is truly a team leader when the group is ready to listen to his given orders and to perform them, as well.

Each leader is not the same. Each leader has and uses different ways of keeping its followers. The ways of acting are also very different, some of them are more democratic, and others are less. The success of the team and its leader depends on the style of leadership. The success of teamwork is based on a successful leadership and the mission and the vision of the team leader, his motivational methods, and his delegation and of course, his communication. Also, a successful leadership is based on the ability to think from the perspective of another person. Each person can be encouraged to act if the team leader understands his wishes, needs and requirements. The goal of the leadership is to create a feeling among the employees in the organization to herself, as well as common goals and values that needs to be reached.

The team leader must be active, not passive. His main aim is to create a challenge, to create challenging systems and to encourage other people to participate. He has the whole team and the team’s performance on his/her shoulder. Leading a group of people is both art and science and it can be learned. Once these principles, characteristics and skills are improved, then the leaders will be able to implement them successfully. However, the bigger the group of people you manage, the bigger the knowledge and education levels you need to pass get.

Many people believe that being a team leader means to be first and most powerful at something, but being a leader of some organization has different meaning and sense. Simply said, a leader can be defined as someone who directs the efforts for achieving the organization’s goal and as a person who has big influence on other people to follow his direction and lead. A leader must possess certain basic qualities on which depends his success. A person who doesn’t possess the basic leadership qualities can’t be a leader. Lately, there are many intensive attempts to clarify the differences between successful and unsuccessful leaders. If your aim is to be a good team leader then we curated 10 great tips to help you in achieving your goals. So, a successful team leader must have the following 10 human characteristics:

  1. Courage– this is the foundation of self-knowledge and knowledge of your activity. No follower wishes to be a subject to a leader who has no self-confidence and courage. An intelligent follower can briefly be subjected to a leader who does not possess the needed courage and self-confidence;
  2. Self-control– it is said that a man who can’t control himself can never control others. Be calm in the most stressful situations;
  3. Expressing a sense of fairness– without a sense of fairness, no leader can give orders and to inspire respect and earn the respect of his followers. If you are not fair the people will not give their best work for you;
  4. Decision making– a leader who hesitates when making decisions, shows how unsure he is in the inside and thus cannot successfully lead others;
  5. Successful planning– a successful leader must plan his work and must know how to prepare a plan of action. A leader who is basing his decisions on an assessment of things without previously prepared final practical plan of action can be compared to a ship without a captain;
  6. Cheerful person– Cheerful personality will always enjoy the respect of other people, unlike the solemn and grim faces. Cheerful personalities can also motivate the members of the team to perform on higher level;
  7. Nice and understanding– The leader should be sympathetic to his followers and to have full understanding of their problems;
  8. Perfection of the details– A successful leadership requires perfection of the details, no matter what kind of work or plan is in question. He or she must know the future steps much earlier than his team members;
  9. Accepting full responsibility– The team leader should be prepared to accept all of the mistakes of his group. If he tries to share his responsibility or tries to blame others, he will not remain much longer in the leading position in the team;
  10. Cooperation– The successful team leader must understand and use the principles of cooperation and to be able to influence his subordinates to do the same. A leadership always requires strength and the strength always requires collaboration.

From all this, it is obvious that it is necessary to fulfill all of the 10 factors in order to be a successful leader. This human characteristics are the core of each team leader success. The person who fulfills them will be the person who always will push himself through the life, or more precisely, that kind of a person will always be granted with the role of team leader in different areas of life.

You can’t turn into a team leader overnight. It is an ongoing process of development. It is necessary to put a lot of work and effort. It is a process that needs a lot of work on yourself and to get to know yourself. If you can’t complete something, you shouldn’t give up on the idea of becoming a successful team leader. The keys to success are in your pocket, you just need to use them properly.



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