ASO Team | Rules List | Save this link!!!!!!!!!

ASO Team | Rules List | Save this link!!!!!!!!!

ASO: the reason why you are doing this work is to help app developers rank high for specific languages in the local app stores. It means that the work you are going to do may help apps achieve hundreds of downloads.

In order for this to happen, you will need to make a short keywords research for iOS and a smart translation for Android.  

Good work will be done by following these rules and finding the best keywords using the tools which I share here, within the time frame I assign for each order.

IOS Store Rules : 


  • Length: Not more than 30 chars 
  • Including Brand Name + 1-3 describing words | Example —– "Facebook: Social Network"
  • Key: Simply explain with 1-3 words following the brand name what the app is about
  • No Brand Name? write the title that best describes the apps function

Subtitle :

  • Length: Not more than 30 charts 
  • Pattern: Insert as many keywords as possible
  • Key: Explain what the game is about 
  • Key 2: DO NOT REPEAT words from the title or keywords string in the subtitle!

Keywords String :

  • Length: Not more than 100 chars separated by a comma (try to reach as close to 100 as possible)
  • Pattern: The keyword string should look like this: word,word,word etc… No double words, no spaces  
  • Key: Keywords must be relevant to the app, and must be something people search for in the appstore
  • Key 2: DO NOT REPEAT words from title or subtitle in the keywords string
  • Key 3: Try to insert longtail keywords, which are keywords that are built from more than 1 word. For example: "…,hexapuzzle,…" (explanation here)

Description :

  • Simply translate 🙂

General Rules :

Simply try to choose the best words to rank for in the store 

Best tools to use :



In a Google Play work, you will have to translate the text while following a few rules

Google Play Store Rules : 


  • Length: Not more than 50 chars
  • Don't translate like a robot, make sure it's 100% relevant to the apps topic  
  • If you have both Android + iOS app, start the title with the same 30 chars you used in iOS


Short Description: 

  • Length: Not more than 80 charts
  • Key: explain the game and call for action (translate in a smart way)

Long Description: 

  • Length: Not more than 4000 charts (don't make more than this)
  • Key: explain the game and call to action (translate in a smart way)
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