All Secrets Revealed About the eCPM of Apps

Feb 27, 2017

Hi to all!

Something that nobody has done so far, is to share all the true about eCPM and ads companies. After  almost 4 years in the market, and after trying dozens of ads companies in many styles of games for me and my clients; I feel confident about sharing my knowledge about eCPM: where, what & how to use it 🙂

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In simple words, eCPM is the revenue you make for every 1,000 impressions of ads. If your eCPM is 10$, this is not telling that you made 10$, it means that if you get 1,000 impressions you'll get 10$ of revenue. You still can make 10$ eCPM and make $100,000, of course, if your eCPM was higher, for example 20$, so you also made double revenue.

eCPM works in the same way for banners, inter ads and Videos ads. I will explain all later.

In general, the best way to improve eCPM is to target the right people for your ads, because most of your ads companies pay per install or pay per click, so, more clicks and installs means more money. The best companies today I know are Chartboost and Appnext; and with the right skills you can improve eCPM. 

My Tip: Chartboost these days is very risky, closing many accounts with no reason or explanation, so I strongly recommend everyone to use Appnext if you want to control your revenues in the best way.

Banner eCPM

Very low most of the time. Nowadays, the best company to use banners is Admob. When I say banner, I'm talking about a small banner in top or bottom of the screen, they pay mostly ads per clicks. 

My Tip: If you put your banner close to relevant buttons in the app, you have more chances to get more clicks. 2$ eCPM in banner is very high, and you need most of the traffic coming from the US. Less than 0.5$ eCPM means 2 things: most of your traffic is out tier 1 (rich countries), or your banner is not close to any buttons in the app.

Inter Ads eCPM

This is the most popular option to make money from ads. Most of the companies have Interstitial ads, and for advertisers is very easy to create them. Your eCPM here depends totally on the company you choose, and the countries you have traffic from. I'll put this in an easy way: let's say that your traffic is mixed and you make less than 5$ eCPM; this means you must change your ad company or you did something wrong targeting the right ads. For example, in Slot games I made around 150$ eCPM from Appnext and Chartboost in the US for IOS, so it all depends on the country traffic source, the platform, your skills, and if you choose a right placement for your ad.

My Tip: Use in every placement you test few ads companies in mediation or waterfall, so you can see what works best for you and update app if needed to change location of the ads. The best option to put these kind of ads is when the user completes some level in the game. Also, never put an ad in the beginning of the game if your game worths something, only do that in spammy reskins or if your goal is to show ads as fast as possible 🙂

Video and Reward Video ad's eCPM

These kind of ads are becoming more and more popular, they pay the best eCPM simply because some platform limited advertisers for Minimum bid, and also users really see the game he's going to download. The leading companies today with video ads are: Vungle, Chartboost, and Applovin

My Tip: I think Vungle is the best, because they have very high Min budget, so only bid advertisers can use them.

Playable Ads

A new option of ads and now all big ads companies started adding them. Success is not amazing, it's a simple mini game in your game, so the user can try a new game in the ad. I think this will not success.

Native Ads

These ads are like banners, but they can be in the middle of the app news feed, and in every place of the app the developer decides. Very popular in apps and not in games. BTW, all news sites are full  with such ads, like native news and its native ads.

About Mediation and eCPM

Today in the market you have many mediation companies. The biggest are Admob, Heyzap, Mobfox and Appodeal.

My Tip: I use only in the past for mediation Appodeal and its success increased my Admob eCPM a lot. What they do is a simple auto waterfall of campaigns for your AdMob ad. I like more to use waterfall of ads in some place giving priority, for example: Chartboost — Applovin — Vungle — Admob. If you use this system, always put AdMob as last on the priority, because they have the best fill rate (fill rate means a good % the country you target have some ads to show; a big company like Admob from Google have many advertisers) 

Can I show ads in high levels apps and games too?

Many developers avoid to put ads in good games; some of them started just now to put rewards video ads.

My Tip:  Making this, will cause you to lose money and make your LTV (Life time value = revenue per user) much lower. The best way to include ads in good games is after some time, when the 95% of your users buy something inside the game. Can be time or level, and after this start push ads in the game. If you don't use this method you'll lose 96% or more in IOS and in Android 98% or more of users profit.

Revenues from ads and eCPM is lower in Android. I'm  going to share with you few companies I use for Android and that will help to increase your revenues a lot.

1 – Calldorado: Small company from Denemark, with great customer service. What they suplly is caller id ads, this means that when the user downloads the app, he gives permission to manage his calls, so every call user makes will show an ad. Some users don't care about it, and if you have some utility app for android that makes no money or small money but has many users; you must use it. They have option to disable ads if the user buys something on your app, so it won't  make that the paid users leave a bad review.

2 – Greedy Games: Small company from India that supply native ads for your app. It's like the brand ads you see in Soccer games around the grass, it works in the same way in your app.

3 – Appbarin: This company has a very cool SDK of Exit ads, so when the user clicks back button and try to exit the app, it will show ads before he can exit the app. Google doesn't allow to show ads out of the app, so you must make some popup inside the app asking user if he´s sure he wants to exit.

Advices of good companies for every kind of app & ad

1 – Best Company for Video Reward app is Vungle

2 – Best banner company is for sure Admob, don't even try something else

3 – For mediation platfrom, I like to use Appodeal

4 – For Casual games without one topic or not similar to other games, best to use Admob, because they work on CPC or CPM, also Mobfox works the same, and need to show good results.

5 – Games with topic like match 3, casino, racing, the best companies are Chartboost and Appnext because you can target apps very good. For video also option to use Unity ads, but I don't use them too much because they have a complicated dashboard and payment process.

6 – The most honest company, I can say is Vungle and Appnext. The most dangerous company today is for sure Chartboost (but they still have good results) Meanwhile, you only need to cover yourself with more companies.

I think I shared all needed about eCPM 🙂

If you have something to ask, simply ask in comments. Share the post with you mates, I don't promote any company, I'm just sharing all I've discovered from my experience.



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