8 Tips and Tricks for App Store Optimization ASO in 2016 - Google Play Titles Jan 18, 2016

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Did you know that on Google Play there are 1.6 million apps? And on Apple Store, iTunes, 1.5 million apps. That’s a very big lot of apps out there dude, and it's very hard to rank good for new apps. This fact is great for smartphone and tablet users, because they have a very wide choice but, for app developers like you, this is not the best possible situation.

I know you're looking for reliable info about ASO: probably you found many articles and now you feel a little bit confused. I collected for you here 8 Tips and Tricks about App Store Optimization: try to use these tricks, they's gonna work for you in 2016. So let's start!!!

  1.  Length and weight of the title: let's start with Google play title. Google allows you make a title up to 30 charts; you can use  my winning method , which works like this – two words cool name + 2- word app topic (what your app is about) AskTolik title method
  2. Android title words "weight": give to your title the best impact keywords you found for your app. 
  3. Don't try to follow after famous game or trademarks in the title, your app will be suspended 100% on the way (for iOS is completely a different story)
  4. one or two of the main keywords you're trying to promote in your description must also be in your app title
  5. Put some symbols in your title, your goal is to make your title visible, and this can be a great way to do it  ✔, ♦, ♣, ♠, ♥, ™, ®, ✪, ❤, ►, ♛ , also you can use that emoji tableSigns in title

  6. Big letters in your title also will make it more visible: for example ASKTOLIK BEST BLOG, looks more visible, isn't it?
  7. Localize your title: people who don't know English will not download your app if it's not localized, like you wouldn't download an app with a Chinese title (if you don't Chinese, of course)
  8. You need to choose a title and a name that will work for in the long term: make some tests before you start to advertise the game via blogs and forums: try to understand what works better, Google experiments on the Store, unfortunately, are not allowed anymore.

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