Harold Marketing Package (IOS or Android)


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You build your app, and now you're sure that everybody will love it.......if only they would know about it. We have a solution for you! App Spotlight “Best Mobile Games of The Week” We´ll be your connection to one of the biggest youtube reviewers in the world!!!
Have more than 2,000 Subscribers and Games Lovers. You'll get a 3 min. cool video review, honest but also positive of your app features.

Advantages and Results :

- Youtube videos always help to increase your ASO (android apps) and also improve your brand visibility.

- A long unique review from real site that talks about apps, will always give you an extra value.

- Let's talk about social proof: 40,000 followers in Twitter talk about apps and like the apps, this can't be a mistake!!!


Your Youtube review will be shared in AskTolik Fan Page and drive developers like you to check your app.

Total Price Only $120 Instead 200$





Tolik – Asktolik Founder

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