AskTolik "Keywords Booster" to 1st place in your main keywords for Google Play/Android


$1,500.00 $2,500.00

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* The service is for all Kind of Apps and Games, Not Just Casino or Slots Games
The Keywords Trump Game Boosted from Place 45th to 1st only 1000 installs!!!
Trump Games Keywords
After a long research we´ve made, finally, we´ve find for you a Great & Real Deal!!!
Do you have a game in racing category and you´re willing to rank for the top keywords in your niche? We have the best solution for you!!! - AskTolik Keywords Booster


 This is how it works:

Part One: It´s very simple, basically, we setup in the begining of the Campaign the 4 to 6 Keywords that we want to promote (Our ASO manager make this with you)

For Example :

Keywords Promote

In this example we are promoting: 

- Popping, Bubbles, Challenge (because they are ranking higher than 100 place). For keywords like: shooter, iphone and baby, we need to wait a little bit, as the keywords to boost need to be ranking higher than 100 :-)




So, what you buy?

  1.  1000 downloads + Searches (Done from Korea)
  2.  Campaign management for changing keywords during the campaign
  3.  Keyword Reseach and Ranking Options
  4.  Option chnage 1 time during campaign
  5.  Full Support during the campaign time (7-10 days)

Interesting right? See more examples in product portfolio.

Now, let's answer some things I guess you´re now wondering.

It´s Safe? 

Yes, totally safe. The only thing happening is: users will look the keyword you target and download your app; Apple algorithm realise that many people is downloading your app and it'll boost your ranking.

Real Users and Devices?

Yes, they are 100% real users and devices. In fact, it has been 100% safe and tested on the developer account we've been using for this for over 6 months.

How long I will be in top?

Depends if you invest all 1000 downloads in 1 keyword for 1 app you need be the top 


Prices :

 Basic Package is 1000 Search + Downloads - 1000$

Code Package : 0022

Extra Package is 2000 Search + Downloads  - 1500$

 Code Package : 0023


Tolik – Asktolik Founder

 Add me : Tolik.eidelman