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I'm not a Scammer!!! The Real Story about Applovin and Chartboost Suspended Accounts

I'm not a Scammer!!! The Real Story about Applovin and Chartboost Suspended Accounts

I am not a Scammer!!!

Hey, for those who don't know me my name is Anatoli (Tolik) Eidelman. Today I'm CEO & Founder of a marketing mobile company called "AskTolik". I have already in the app business something like 3 years; I was one of the first reskinners who made dozens of apps per month and with this reskin industry I've maybe made for myself something like 1,000 apps. I have also almost the same amount of clients thanks to my amazing sales & technical team. I'm known because of my casino reskin methods, for selling for a small price traffic & also for my ASO methods. In this link can see more about me.

Today I work with biggest publishers in appstore and google play and maintain few but very powerfull partnerships with leading studios in the app business.


I would like to clarify, I personally don't have anything against Chartboost or Applovin, much less against none of the workers of this companies to whom I talked in the last 3 months. The currents status is that all my accounts are suspended and banned.


It all started around August 13th. I was back from my Honeymoon in México with My wife, and life was good; I was working online like I always did, my current apps were making nice revenues, my followers and clients also were making good revenues and I was already planning my next projects.

Like I mentioned early, I have already in the app business around 3 years and never had any mobile ad's account suspended. I had good work relationships with both companies, and even their support team know me personally.

I will start with Chartboost.


I guess this message is known for many of you, and you remember the feeling also I guess. Because of my connections and experience in app business, and because I know I was 1 month in holidays (didn't publish new apps or made any UA campaigns)  I thought it was a mistake. The strange thing was that the 3 accounts under my name were suspended. So, I simply took the email in Letter pub.review@chartboost.com and send them this letter: "Hey guys i think your system made a mistake, I'm back from holidays". After something like 10 min got the next email, with same style ( this is the email from August 29th, after my team's accounts were suspended too)

Chartboost Account Final Banned

I got this letter after talking with 3 Chartboost account managers I was able to reach thanks to my connections. Two of them were really amazing at the beginning and tried to help me. I'm deleting all names of the workers because they're not the problem, they were totally ok, but must be loyal to the policy of their company. This is the chat, after it I had a skype call. All this 5 days after the 3 accounts were suspended.


Chartboost account manager

I got the contact of this guy from one of my clients, he was amazing and fixed the issue in 1 day, amazing !!! He didn't tell me what I did specifically, I asked him 10 times what I did wrong, but his answer was that he didn't know either. In all this time the accounts were not opened, I waited for one more week and the guy disappeared. I want to mention again that by this point I was not aware of why I got my accounts suspended simply because no one took the time to talk with me, or have a chat like all "normal" support service should work with all clients. All Chartboost publisher review team make all Field Trial and get final decision even before they talk with the person they're going to ban. Such decisions can send some companies to Bankruptcy or can cause that a simple small indie developer that earns money from apps and invest his life make them don't have next month enough earnings to buy food for his kids; but of course they don't care about YOU, they want to save money and not increase the team who check scams (and it's very important to find real scams btw) simply because they care less nowadays about developers.

Changing the subject to Applovin, this is a very important part of Applovin Terms of use, and I guess all of you had never read:

Applovin terms of Use

This is a term of use from Applovin, but I assume it works the same with Chartboost. If you see the red arrow, Applovin can close your account and "steal" your money of publishing and also money you deposit for advertising with reason or no reason , yes you read right, Applovin can close your account with no reason, take your money and that's all. They can make it simply because they do not care anymore about the developers who get them to position sold for 1.4$ Billion.

Let's get back to Chartboost and after I will continue with Applovin.

Until now, 2 weeks passed already, I tried to reach them again and again only to understand the reason I got my accounts suspended. By this time I started to think that maybe somebody bought false traffic for my apps, but it was just a guess.

After I continued sending emails to Chartboost team, my partnership accounts got suspended too and get the same message I shared before; that I disclosed some data. All this time I was thinking I got suspended because of the fake traffic, but I realised that the real reason they suspended me was because of this service I provide. I call this service eCPM booster, it was a simple app filtering service I provide and still provide to my clients, only with cool marketing name.

But why nobody in all this months told me about it? (I still don't know the real reason, I'm only guessing). After the last account was suspended, I stopped providing the service to my followers and after 2 days, I got this letter from some of my private clients. I checked with my VA assistent and my uncle, both got this email too. Someone got the email listing of my service and apparently tried to make some money from it. I'm revealing his name only because I know 100% that my uncle is not his client and he was simply appearing in this email listing.

eCPM booster

One of my competitors in the niche started to provide same service, and offered it to my private clients. The timing was perfectly amazing, I'm forced to suspend my service but he starts offering it. But if that was the reason I got suspended, then why he's offering it without any consequence? I asked one of my clients to send this to Chartboost team, they send him big thanks for helping reveal scam, and that was it. I'm guessing nothing happened.

I must also explain something: the most important thing you need to do today if you have a big Chartboost account, is to get an account manager. This guy had an account manager and also one Chartboost worker was his client; I can tell you today after I checked with my connections that I got suspended because of him telling I was offering a scam service, this shouldn't be a reason to suspend, Chartboost must check before if any accusation is true! If Chartboost team informed me about their reasons, I could apologize 10 times (even if what I'm doing is not wrong) and have my accounts opened, but again, they simply not care about me, you, or every small developer.

When somebody in Chartboost make such moves, they don't only "steal" the developer money and ruin all their business for next few months until making an update to their apps; the damage range is crazy, but they do not care.

I got after few days 1 more account manager from Chartboost Europe contact on 09/09/2016

Chartboost account manager europe

He  was a very cool guy, we had a great call but he simply disappeared after 1 day and blocked me in skype. I know he didn't make this because he's a bad guy, he's only following Chartboost policies.

If you're marked as scammer, it's better for you to stop working on your private name or company; so at this point, I decided to open again accounts and got banned again automatically because they saw my name. Chartboost not only close your account and take your money, you'll never be able to work with them again in your life!!! You can leave the business and look for a new job :-)

It sounds funny, but for some people like him was the worst day of their lives. I got after my first blog post maybe 15-20 emails from people like him, that don't know what to do.

Chartboost reviews

Chartboost Exprince


This is from few hours ago, from my technical team

from today

Like you can see everybody showed here got suspended. I must tell you the true, maybe not all of the guys here are clean, but the problem is not if they're ok or not, the problem is how Chartboost publisher review team takes care of this issues. If tomorrow your friend tells you "Hey my bank send me an email informing that my account is suspended, I was surprised because I have good credit in the Bank, so I went to the Bank and they told me I can't enter. After 3 days I got a letter on my home telling that my account is banned and I have to check the terms of use of the bank. :-)" Sounds very similar right? It's the Same, the ad's companies are your small bank, you have money there and they save your money, why every day when I came in the morning I needed to check if my accounts are in good standing ???? how is possible to make business like this?

I must note, I had some issue with Revmob in advertising. This company was huge 2-3 years ago, I spent some money with them and asked for a refund of the other part. Revmob team in 2-3 days took care about it and told: me when you're ready to work with us again let us know. This is something that we can call service. Another example, when I advertised with Appnext and some of the traffic was incent traffic, we asked for a refund and Appnext manager made a full refund. My client and I still advertise with them 100$-200$ per day, but in Chartboost, even for my client, I'm afraid to deposit money.

The story does not end here. Two weeks ago was the Casual Connect Event in TLV, my country, and one of the main reasons I bought a VIP ticket of the event was to meet Chartboost team.

Casual Connect Event Tel-Aviv

After they rejected my request to meet, I found them during some meeting in lobby. I introduced myself and explained them my issue; they showed empathy I must say, but they told to me send an email to publisher review team, the same team I sent dozens of emails. They also promised to check my issue, I'm sure they believed me and they're good guys, but again, who cares, I am just a guy and they have so many clients.

The main reason I make this post and trying to make it Viral is because we the small developers, are the reason why this companies live, in the moment we leave they close, it's very simple!!! I'm aware that is not possible to arrange all developers to leave them,  but I'm sure that with many shares, comments and likes via Facebook, this will find the way to the right people in this companies.

I talk about Applovin and Chartboost not just because those are the companies that most of developers use, I'm talking about my experience; this big companies can't act like we are nothing.

What i want from these companies first:

- To each developer suspended, they should give him the option to talk with somebody live chat or call, explain what happend, and the most important, explain what he did wrong. For example also in Chartboost, few days ago this client partnership account, I did not understand what I did wrong. Later some guy from Applovin told me: 

Applovin suspend

He asked me about advertising, and after I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, he told me that in 1 hour would get an answer. After 1 hour he BLOCKED ME in Skype (yes, the guy from support blocked me) Later, after 2 days I got a message informing me that my account was blocked.

About Applovin, I've heard much less stories about account suspensions. I also get many messages from many clients and try to help them. One day I got a message from my account manager and he told me his brother account got suspended in Applovin and told him like I always do, that I would try to help. For this, I sent a message to some guy I know in Applovin.


This skype was sent after I sent him an email also about the account of the guy. What happened here was that the address in the account of the guy ( the one who really made a scam), was the same address I had. So instead of closing his account (and again, I think someone must have a call with the owner of the account that is going to be closed) they simply closed all my accounts, stopped answering me and marked me like scammer. Two days ago I got suspended from some different account, as I'm already marked like scammer nobody talks with me.

After I show how this companies work with their clients, do you think those are companies you can trust & that if you have a problem you will get right service? This things can happen to all of us for many reasons, for example having high eCPM can be a reason for suspension. I'm sure the last account got suspended because of this and Banned because of my name. I want to remark that in all this time I didn't made anything wrong and all the money in advertising and publisher blocked; but we have to keep in mind this Applovin term of use we all signed: Terms of Use

This basically states that "We applovin can make all we want with your money and you can't make nothing about it, you can't even complain about it because we'll start to ignore you" By the way, I'm not sure if those are legal terms.

My Email : Tolik@asktolik.com

My Skype : Tolik.eidelman 

I'm going to open a petition hoping that something changes.

Please send me to my email your full name + email account suspended and in few rows if you know the reason. Please do not send accounts who got blocked because you really tried to make some quick money with fake installs or something like this, this is something very easy to discover.

Please Share this post via Facebook, this is very critical to our success. I have already more than 10 developer supporting this petition, some of them are not even suspended but they have too much to lose if they get suspended with no reason.

Answer to people in my Chartboost Course in Udemy

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New Apple Search Ads Advertising in Appstore - First Review by AskTolik

New Apple Search Ads Advertising in Appstore - First Review by AskTolik

Limited Time Promotion !!!

Want Setup ad's don't know which keywords traget , we will help you setup the ad's and will help you also choose the keywords 

Extra Help Add me in skype tolik.eidelman

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AskTolik Ecpm Booster - Guide (1 on 1) 150$ - Success Promised!!!

AskTolik Ecpm Booster - Guide (1 on 1) 150$ - Success Promised!!!

Product Subscription Out of Sale!!!

Guide (1 on 1) During Hour 150$ Promotion Price first 10 buyers!!!

Work Also for Different Style of games (Not only casino)

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6 - Shooting Games


Order Now

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Do you think having a 80/100$ ECPM is just a dream? Please see the next two videos and you will easily understand how to increase your ECMP for Casino apps.

Everyone in the app industry knows that Casino Slot apps are the most rewarding of the market: thanks to our service you can easily maximize your monthly revenue and boost your ECPM!

All of our clients already saw their ECPM growing like never before: our system is very simple to understand and apply! If you want to save your time, we can make the job for you; just watch these 2 simple videos and you will understand how easy and effective our system is.

Some Proof of Success

1 - Client Video

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Proof of ECPM


Results Expected : 

1 - Casino/Poker/Blackjack Etc.... : 60$-120$ Ecpm

2 - Match 3 Games : 20$-50$ Ecpm

3 - Racing Games : 10$-40$ Ecpm

4 - Sport Games : 10$-40$ Ecpm

5 - Word and Trivia Games : 10$-40$ Ecpm

6 - Shooting Games : 10$-40$ Ecpm

Your success depends from which countries your traffic but for sure is the best 150$ you will spend ever!!!

Order Now 


More Info add now skype tolik.eidelman or via email tolik@asktolik.com



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New Apple Search Algorithm Live!!! 50 Charts Short Titles and New Rankings

New Apple Search Algorithm Live!!! 50 Charts Short Titles and New Rankings

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New Apple Update: What it means for ASO and Reskinning Business 1.9.2016

New Apple Update: What it means for ASO and Reskinning Business  1.9.2016


A new change in AppStore has been announced! Changes will apply from September 7th so please stay alert!

Probably all developer account owners received the notification email with the new policies in AppStore. The part about "quality apps" is not so specific but the good thing is, from my point of view, the part where they mention the "abandoned apps", removing them will make space for sure for new and fresh content. The bad thing, is that we don't know what a "Quality App" means for them, as we don't know exactly what now AppStore will like or not, and this leaves a rejection card open. Let's hope in the future to know more about the quality new guidelines.

Regarding the shorter App names, the new rule indicates that the title must be of 50 characters max. Goodbye kilometric titles with tons of nonsense keywords. With this change, my guess is that ASO professionals would have to make an even greater research for using only the best keywords on the title, saving as much precious space as we can. 

Let's see how the things are developing starting on September 7th! 

Check our ASO services or send me message to tolik@asktolik.com /Skype tolik.eidelman

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Application Privacy Statement

Application Privacy Statement

This privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) applies to the treatment of personally identifiable information submitted by, or otherwise obtained from, you in connection with the associated application (“Application”). The Application is provided by AskTolik.com (and may be provided by AskTolik.com on behalf of a AskTolik.com licensor or partner (“Application Partner”). By using or otherwise accessing the Application, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Statement.


We collect the following types of information from our users:

Personal Information You Provide to Us:
We may receive and store any information you submit to the Application (or otherwise authorize us to obtain – such as, from (for example) your Facebook account). The types of personal information collected may include your full name, email address, gender, IP address, browser information, username, demographic information, and any other information necessary for us to provide the Application services.

Personal Information Collected Automatically:
We receive and store certain types of usage related information whenever you interact with Application. For example, AskTolik.com may automatically receive and record information regarding your computer’s IP address, browser information, Facebook user ID, Facebook Page fan status, and URLs accessed. Such information may be shared in aggregate (non-personally identifiable) form with our partners.


AskTolik.com uses the information described in this Privacy Statement (i) internally, to analyze, develop and improve its products and services, and (ii) as set forth below in the “Will AskTolik.com Share any of the personal information it Collects” section below.


AskTolik.com may provide personal information to the applicable Application Partner. The Application Partner’s use of your personal information is subject to the Application Partner’s separate privacy policy – and not this Privacy Statement. The Application Partner’s privacy policy is linked to from within the Partner’s Facebook application.


Personal information about our users is an integral part of our business. We neither rent nor sell your personal information to anyone (with the exception of sharing your information with an applicable Application Partner – see the “Application Partner Treatment” section above). We share your personal information only as described below.

Application Partners: We will share your personal information with an applicable Application Partner (see the “Application Partner Treatment” section above).

Agents: We employ other companies and people to perform tasks on our behalf and need to share your information with them to provide products or services to you. Unless we tell you differently, AskTolik.com’s agents do not have any right to use personal information we share with them beyond what is necessary to assist us. You hereby consent to our sharing of personal information for the above purposes. Business Transfers: In some cases, we may choose to buy or sell assets. In these types of transactions, customer information is typically one of the business assets that are transferred. Moreover, if AskTolik.com, or substantially all of its assets were acquired, or in the unlikely event that AskTolik.com goes out of business or enters bankruptcy, user information would be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of AskTolik.com may continue to use your personal information as set forth in this policy.

Protection of AskTolik.com and Others: We may release personal information when we believe in good faith that release is necessary to comply with the law; enforce or apply our conditions of use and other agreements; or protect the rights, property, or safety of AskTolik.com, our employees, our users, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

With Your Consent: Except as set forth above, you will be notified when your personal information may be shared with third parties, and will be able to prevent the sharing of this information.


If you decide to use or otherwise access the Application, your use/access and any possible dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Statement and our Terms of Use, including limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of California state law.


The Application may permit you to link to other applications or websites. Such third party applications/websites are not under AskTolik.com’s control, and such links do not constitute an endorsement by AskTolik.com of those other applications/websites or the services offered through them. The privacy and security practices of such third party application/websites linked to the Application are not covered by this Privacy Statement, and AskTolik.com is not responsible for the privacy or security practices or the content of such websites.


AskTolik.com allows you to access the following information about you for the purpose of viewing, and in certain situations, updating that information. This list may change in the event the Application changes.

- Account and user profile information
- User e-mail address, if applicable
- Facebook profile information, if applicable
- User preferences
- Application specific data


Our site and the services available through AskTolik.com are not intended for children under the age of 13. AskTolik.com does not knowingly or specifically collect information about children under the age of 13 and believes that children of any age should get their parents’ consent before giving out any personal information. We encourage you to participate in your child’s web experience.


AskTolik.com may amend this Privacy Statement from time to time. Use of information we collect now is subject to the Privacy Statement in effect at the time such information is used. If we make changes in the way we use personal information, we will notify you by posting an announcement on our Site or sending you an email. Users are bound by any changes to the Privacy Statement when he or she uses or otherwise accesses the Application after such changes have been first posted.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy on our Website, please send us a detailed message at tolik@asktolik.com. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

Effective Date: January 1, 2011
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Please see how chartboost manage and response developers - the real story!!! Be carfull

Please see how chartboost manage and response developers - the real story!!! Be carfull

This post is about the recent situations I've been experiencing with Chartboost. 

I'm Tolik, and I've been working with Chartboost for 3 years; I even have a top seller course in udemy - https://www.udemy.com/chartboost-revenue-100-epcm-become-a-top-publisher-2015

I advertise them a lot in my interviews because the company was good in general and was the most useful so far - https://www.sellmyapp.com/meet-the-dev-who-made-1000000-downloads-and-reached-100-ecpm/

* I guess many of you use chartboost, so is time to share our stories! This company grew so much because of us, if there aren't publishers or advertisers, Chartboost can begin to close all their offices worldwide. The power to change things is in us! 

This is my story: 

All started three weeks ago. My 3 chartboost accounts were suspended because of "unnormal activity fraud". I was trying to contact them to ask for explanations or reasons, but you know, everything I got was another generic mail saying that it was a violation of their use terms and they'll stop replying me. Can you imagine having this same kind of reaction of your Bank if they suspend your account? We can't accept such ways from a big company like Chartboost.

With the help of good friends, I got a connection with a Chartboost manager on August 18th, he told me my main account was ubanned like you can see here http://screencast.com/t/IlpF7FpV9u It was a very good call between us, and we scheduled another call for the next week. Few days passed but nothing happened, send him messages, but got no answer.

Yesterday, again tried to contact Chartboost team because they told me one of my accounts was banned (again) and also, the account I have with my technical team was banned too. I surely don't know the reason because, as usual, they only send a generic mail. I tried to send a message to the support area and I got this message back: http://screencast.com/t/iJqppqSVG Afer this, not even the manager in Chartboost is answering. 

What I now understand from this email is that I disclose some data about chartboost or something like that, again, I don’t understand exactly why, but I guess it has have some connection to the eCPM booster service I offer, but again I can't know because I didn’t get the real reason. After 10 min I received this email stating that also my account with my technical team was suspended http://screencast.com/t/lwQ4Svsl (it was not even on my name)

The crazy part is that Chartboost today is the biggest advertise games company for mobiles. I worked with them long term and I even know personally some of the workers and managers, but now nobody answers. Of course I still need them for support because I have more clients I need to manage, and I don't know exactly how I can talk with them now:-)

My guess is that somebody in chartboost or one of my competitors doesn't like the way I help developers and advertise with the eCPM Booster list, which by the way, Chartboost team helped to make it. I never got any email telling me to remove this list service or that it was against some term of use.  Before making this lists I was offering training to clients one to one for much bigger money, this list was the perfect solution for 1.5$ per day. 

I tried to find some people who had similar cases and I found dozens of stories online about how Chartboost react. A company who treats like this its clients will fall in the end so matter how much she big





You can check more if you search in Google: Chartboost banned or Chartboost suspend, and of course this is maybe only the 1% of people who share their story.

I have a strong feeling that something here is not legal from Chartboost side because they know I am not new advertiser or publisher and they know me personally. Somebody has a very big interest here.

All this slots business for me today is a side business but I know that for some of you, this is their only income. My advice for you is to use more companies: Applovin , Vungle , Appnext , Unity ad’s and Playheaven have very good results with slots and even Admob in last month. All this companies, even Admob today, are more responsive for issues than Chartboost. Also split your risks with more apps of different genre and try to find new niches to make money; match 3 games are a great niche and have option to get much more users.

Thanks Everyone

 This is my personal skype tolik.eidelman, you can ask me all needed and will answer all of you. The training about how make this lists can be done with my team, for all my clients making with us apps or ASO will get it for free.

 * This story is sent to all chartboost emails I found. I hope in the moment people start leaving them, they will understand why it is important to supply good service and support their clients. My story will be shared too in all press media & app business I can share, so everybody understand what's going on. 


Anatoly  (Tolik) Eidelman - Entrepreneur

Founder AskTolik - Online Consulting Services



Skype : Tolik.eidelman

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11 things you need know before you start make mobile apps

11 things you need know before you start make mobile apps

Ok, so you have decided you will make mobile apps and you hope you can earn huge amount of money with development of apps and games. That’s great, but before you start doing all that, we have included 10 things you must know before start making mobile apps. These are tailored based on our experience and what I and my team have experienced with publishing apps on both Google Play and App Store.


  1. Why Are You Doing It?

Determining your desire and goals before you start is a must. That will determine the path you will follow. If your purpose is solely to make money, then you are apppreneuer. You must tailor plans and create apps that will give you the best ROI and earnings. If you have other motives, like you want promote your business, or maybe you just want to become popular game developer, then you must focus on other things.

  1. You Must Have Unique Idea About an App or Game

This tip stands only if you want to make it big. So, if you want to earn a lot of money and you want your app to be viral, then you’ll need a unique app or game idea. In the saturated world of apps, an app that is reskin or an app that is similar to other popular app will only bring you little or short term success.

  1. Try to develop apps that will be available cross-platform (iOS, Android and web apps)

The more platforms are involved, the better the chances for success. Think about it, what would’ve happened to Whatsapp or any other globally popular app if it was stuck in only one platform. So, if possible, always try to develop your apps for multiple platforms, especially if you have some high quality app and unique idea.

  1. Try To Adjust Your App as Closely As Possible To Your Potential Users

When you are in the development phase, put yourself in the head of your target, potential users. What will they want to see in your app? Is your app something that they’ll find useful? Are the features you plan to offer enough? Details, good analysis and beta testing are needed to determine this in the best possible way. This is also one of the most important things, something that can guide you to create you the best app.

  1. Market the Idea Smartly

So, your idea has turned into a great app. You have something special, or even if you don’t have a special app, you need to market it smartly. Any app you produce should be accompanied by a marketing plan. Press releases, review requests, social media promotion, forums, product hunt etc. should all be part of your marketing plan.

  1. App Search Optimization is A Must!

If you are not some huge, multimillion, global company, then you’ll need App Search Optimization. More than 65% of the downloads you’ll ever receive will come from search on Google Play and App Store. So, your app must be optimized for these app stores. App Store works differently from Google Play. The best thing to do here is to hire experts that will optimize your apps or find some ASO courses or ebooks that will educate you to do it effectively.

  1. Keywords Matter

Besides the previous point, you must search and think for the best keywords. Don’t put anything too soon, instead research slowly and find the catchiest, popular and keywords with low competition. Don’t put few sentences. You are not Disney or EA, you are just a new developer that needs to impress billion users that your app is worth downloading. Pay attention to this as if you use the right keywords and combine them wisely, your app can have starting advantage and boost.

      8. The file size of the app should be as small as possible

It is proven in both stores that they like apps that are small in storage. Thus, don’t waste too much MBs and try to make the app smooth and light. Not only that the stores love that, the users adore that as well. You will not be spending too much of their storage and not only they will like your app, they will also choose it over the similar apps if they are bigger in size.

      9. Design, design, design

Spend fortune on this if you don’t know how to implement it yourself. However, don’t release an app that is poorly designed. The poorly designed apps have made success on both app markets but maybe 4-5 years ago. Now, the market has evolved, and the stunning and awesome design is a must.

       10. The icon and screenshots are equally important as the overall design

You may have a great, well-designed, but in order to ensure great click through rate and increase interest, you must design an equally good icon and screenshots. The icon is especially important as it is the first thing users see when they search for certain keywords on the App Store/Google Play. Another thing that is a must nowadays are the explanatory screenshots. This means that the screenshots should contain short sentences at the top or at the bottom that explain the app’s features.

     11. Select the best Mobile Ad Network

Don’t rush to choose Google’s Ad Mob. There are plenty other fish in the sea that may be more suitable for your app’s type. Explore and talk with different mobile ad consultants. Sometimes, this can make huge difference in your earnings. Various ad networks may have bigger earning potential. There are also courses that will help you monetize your app much better with alternative ad networks.


The app industry is maybe in a saturated phase. There are hundreds of millions of apps and it is indeed really hard to compete in these markets. If you however implement all of these 10 recommendations, you may have starting advantage over the apps in your category.


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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Making Mobile Apps

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Making Mobile Apps

How far away are you from making your first million? I bet you earn an average monthly salary that doesn’t even cover all of your expenses. You have greater life goals and you see yourself as a successful person in the future, but right now you’re asking yourself the questions: How to get there? How to even begin So, you start looking for another, better job that you will enjoy more and you will earn more money. Or you start searching for opportunities to get out of that stressful labyrinth.

Most of the people that are dealing with this, almost always try to find the key to success by watching the most successful people in the world, the ones that quickly succeeded to earn millions of dollars. The most common question is what is their secret and how can I be one of them? Well, the exit of this never-ending circle and the perfect solution to your financial problems is to start making mobile applications.

What Are Mobile Apps And How Are They Developed?

A mobile app is a computer program that is especially designed to work on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. All of the mobile apps have to go through a whole process of developing and they require a use of integrated development environments. They are first tested with emulators and then subjected to field testing. Making a mobile app is not an easy process, but it is definitely profitable. If you are smart enough and you have potential business skills, you should know what the audience wants and you will develop something that will be used by tons of people worldwide. App development works like a small business. There are many things that need to be considered while developing an app. For example, the most important one is the app’s user interface (contexts, screen, input and mobility).

The 10 Reasons

Mobile apps are the biggest reason for the massive popularization of smart phones. The apps allows us to have fun, communicate, work on the move, etc. Throughout the last year, many researchers came to a conclusion that by the year of 2020, there will be over 20 billion mobile devices. For now, there are approximately 2 million apps on the App Store and on Google Play Store. Doesn’t that tell you something? People from the whole world dedicated themselves on building apps for the mobile customers and tons of them are living your dream. So, why not develop your own mobile app? It is the perfect time for you to consider this. Here are the 10 most important reasons why you should start making mobile apps:

  1. Everyone can create a mobile app
  • When using some app on your device, many new ideas on how to improve the app’s functionality occur to you, you have a great potential to become an app developer. Making apps may seem like a job that can be done only by talented people, but there are many adequate programs that can teach you the basic things and you can easily learn the needed programming skills. Unity is one of them, but there are many others that require just basic programing skills to create great games , also if your technical skills are bad like my you can try platfroms like BuildBox this platfrom help create one of the most successfull game in 2016 Color Switch


  1. Excellent earning potential
  • Besides the fact that you be will able to find a job, the programming skills will give you the opportunity to earn big, whether you work in a company where the salary gets above 1,000 dollars a month, or create your own applications and markets. If you have great ideas and decide to develop them, your mobile app is set on one of the stores can bring you a fortune. You only need to gain useful knowledge and become part of some development team of a large company or start your successful solo career according appidex.com developer salaries grow every year and today cross already 100$ per hour in western countries

App developer salary

  1. The world has gone mobile
  • You already know the huge percentage of people using smart phones and tablets. Having a website is not enough, so almost any company or business has a mobile app. People rely on mobile apps and plus they are much faster and easy to use,  this days google seaches in mobile phones in google already pass the searchs in desktop in very strong indication where the market go 
  1. Better and bigger marketing
  • If you, for example, own a business of course you want to advertise it and promote it more. Mobile apps are the perfect opportunity for you to make connections with more customers and to reinforce your brand or business.
  1. Apps increase the interest
  • If you make a mobile app, with its help you can display your products, services, etc. and make a simple process out of the complicated purchasing. Apps can invite and tempt more customers and enhance their interest to the fullest.
  1. Apps can be a social platform
  • We live in an era where the social media is a big part of our lives. People spend most of their time on their social media apps, so if you want to develop a mobile app, this is one of the best integrating types. Any kind of app that you develop, if you feature things that social media have (likes, comments, messages), the people will use it more and like it more.
  1. Apps can be selling platforms
  • Buying and selling these days is simpler and easier than it has ever been. People use mobile apps for all kinds of purchasing, because they offer better view and understanding of the product or service that they want to get.
  1. Apps can be used anywhere and anytime
  • With their phones always in their hands, people are having the fullest access of mobile apps no matter when or where they are. If you develop a mobile app, it will always be at the tip of the customer’s fingertips.
  1. You can stay in control
  • Creating a mobile app you can always stay in touch with your customers. They offer direct communication and connection. You can also receive feedback and reviews from your customers and know how to improve its functions and appeal.
  1. Freedom in designing
  • You have all the freedom in the world when making a mobile app. This is one of the best things you can experience, because you can create your app about everything. It can be a game, a social platform, a business app, health app, lifestyle app, and be able to design it without restrictions.


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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Being a Freelancer and Leave Your Daily Job

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Being a Freelancer and Leave Your Daily Job

If you wake up every morning and you go to a certain job, you are both a lucky and a sad person. It is truly a blessing to be employed somewhere, because providing money is not an easy thing to do. Actually, these days, finding a job isn’t quite easy and simple thing to do. On the other hand, if you do have a job to go to that you don’t like, then I can only imagine how much you suffer every day. At first, every job is interesting, but after a while it gets boring and you lose your interest. And being great at your job requires a huge interest and motivation.

Office work can bring you a lot of stress. There are the working hours that are not very appealing, the unpleasant boss that you need to listen to his orders, and the money problem. Not every job is well paid or not well appreciated. Working for 8 hours straight, with only 20 days of the year for a vacation and minimal wage is definitely anyone’s dream. Your daily job becomes a boring routine, you start to hate it and you want to quit. So, what are you waiting for? If it doesn’t make you happy and you don’t earn enough to even cover your monthly expenses, you should live your daily job and start working something different and more profitable. What’s that? Become a freelancer. I’m sure you’ve heard this term before and I’m sure you know someone who does this.

You sit on your computer and keep yourself entertained in your free time, so why don’t you turn it into a workplace? The freelancers are a growing trend worldwide and it is proven that it increases the person’s productivity, it encourages a flexible and dynamic work that can respond to demands outside the normal working hours. The freelancer job is perfect for those who want to work alone, without dealing with groups and trams, without exchanging ideas with other colleagues, that don’t want to work in a traditional office setting and for those who want to be independent.

What Is a Freelancer?

Freelancer is a term that refers to a person who is self-employed and whose work is not directly obligated for any employer and performs tasks or manages projects for some company or institution. Freelancers are often highly skilled and specialized to perform certain tasks (such as HR managers, developers, journalists, editors, professors...) and are usually not incorporated into the organizational structure of the client for whom they work. If you choose this way to do business, the most important tool is your knowledge. In order to successfully do your business, you have to have some skills to offer to the companies and need to know how to become a better you. Experience, professionalism and promotion, of course, are very important items in the successful business as a freelancer.

The 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Being a Freelancer

  1. You earn more money – Thinking of becoming a freelancer brings the worrying about the earnings. If you think that the freelancer job is a less paid job than your daily job, you’re definitely wrong. On average, if you are a freelancer, you will earn 45% more than you earned at your traditional work place. It is easier to earn more money by freelancing, but that if you want to make more money and if you want to be more successful, you have to put your energy, effort and time in it.
  2. No boss – You are your own boss. When you are a freelancer, you have no one that controls the work you’ve done and you are not followed everywhere by a higher governing. Maybe your clients are requiring a certain thing, but that’s it. You control how your work is done.
  3. You save money by spending less – The freelancer job will save your money because it is a job from home. You don’t have to spend your money on the things you used to, like food, snacks, gas, coffee, suits and uniforms, etc. That way, you can save your money and use them for something smarter and more enjoyable, like a vacation for example.
  4. Your job will change constantly – Working in an office of some other traditional job can get quite boring. You had your certain daily routine and manual there and there is no way you can grow beyond that. As a freelancer, you get constant changes that can improve your adaptation and learning skills.
  5. The freelancer job is a true challenge – If you’re ambitious and you want to be challenged by your work all the time, then freelancing is the perfect job for you. You can think more, be creative, update and learn new skills and you grow as your business grows.
  6. You create your work area – At your daily work, everything is set up like your boss wants or you share the same office with other co-workers, so you can’t decorate it in your own way. If you work as a freelancer, you decide your working area (your desk, your monitors, pictures, etc.).
  7. You work whenever you can and want – Your daily job requires working for 8 hours straight. You should start being a freelancer if you want to set your own schedule. Forget about the fixed schedule and decide as your own boss when are your working hours. Sounds like a dream, right?
  8. You choose your own customers – At your traditional job, your boss picked your clients and you were forced to work with them. But working as a freelancer has one of the best perks and that is you choose your own customers and decide with whom you want to work with. Besides, you can work with people from all over the world.
  9. Escape the normal company structure – Forget about pointless meetings, assessment procedures, pointless office politics and games. Become a freelancer and spend more time with your loved ones. You will be home for lunch, dinner, to watch a movie or hang out with your friends more often and more freely.
  10. Easier and simpler promoting – Everyone uses the Internet, so you can promote your services as a freelancer to many clients much more easily and by doing that, earn more money.

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